Mercy Johnson’s slim waist gets fans talking

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson is one of the most loved actress but went on a break for a while to have her babies and care for her family.

The actress was always slammed by many who thought she didn’t take to the rule of child spacing before having her three kids in three years.

She had even told critics at a time to expect her fourth child soon, as the actress has grown a thick skin when it comes to criticisms or cyber bulling.

Now back to acting after three kids and she has gotten her flat tummy and curves back, but what seems different is her waist which looked slimmer than it used to be.

Looking at how slim her waist is, and how big her oranges are, they don’t seem to complement each other that much.

This has got people talking that she shouldn’t have opt for a waist trimmer to counter the beautiful shape she has already.

What do you think?

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