Michelle Obama: I went to bed before Trump won


  • The first lady said she did not stay up to hear the election results last month
  • ‘I don’t like to watch the political discourse. I never have,’ she told People
  • The president and first lady grace the cover of this week’s magazine
  • In the joint interview, they talk about how their daughters’ mixed feelings on leaving the White House after eight years 
  • Mrs Obama also reveals that she and Jill Biden have wine dates  

Health-nut Michelle Obama didn’t let the presidential election get in the way of a good night’s sleep.
The first lady revealed in a People magazine interview with her husband that she didn’t stay up to hear the election results last month, which ended in Donald Trump being named the President-elect.
‘I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have. I barely did with him,’ Mrs Obama said, sending the president into a fit of laughter.

Michelle Obama said in a People magazine interview that she went to sleep on election night, before hearing the results

The Obamas campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton in the race, but they said they are doing their best to make the transition to a Republican White House as smooth as can be.

The president and first lady grace the cover of this week’s People magazine

‘Anything that I felt about the election I said and I stand by,’ Mrs Obama said. ‘Once you do what you can do, then the rest is easy. It was in the hands of the American people.’
The Obamas grace the cover of this week’s People, with their final interview with the magazine before leaving the White House.

In the interview, Mrs Obama also detailed what these final weeks in the White House have meant to her daughters and her close friendship with Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill.
The Obamas say both of their daughters are torn about leaving the White House. While both are teenagers and ready to leave the nest, they also know that they won’t be able to return to home they grew up in unlike many teens.
‘They’re ready to get out, just out from their parents’ house. The fact that their parents’ house is the White House may add to it,’ the president said

Mrs Obama added: ‘There’s a sentimentality about this place, that they’ve had so many amazing experiences, and the staff are part of the family. It is different for them than most kids in that when they leave, they won’t be able to come home. Malia’s spoken about how she regrets the fact that she won’t have that home base in the same way.’

Malia, the Obamas’ oldest daughter, graduated from high school in the spring, but is taking a gap year before starting at Harvard next fall.
The president called Malia ‘a grown woman’ ready to fly the coop before his wife corrected him, saying: ‘I don’t know about that…She’s still a baby’.
The Obamas plan to stay in Washington, DC after leaving office in January, so that their youngest daughter Sasha, 15, can finish high school. Among Sasha’s close friends is Maisy, granddaughter of Vice President Joe Biden.
The president and vice president’s bromance has been a focal point of the administration, but the first lady says that she and Jill Biden are also close.
In a joint interview for the People magazine story, Mrs Obama revealed that the two indulge in ‘a little wine every now and then’.
Mrs Obama and Mrs Biden said they bonded immediately on the campaign trail, over their shared interest in working with military families.
Over the years, their friendship has gone from strength to strength. Mrs Biden was especially thankful that she had her close friend Michelle there for her last year, when her step-son Beau died of brain cancer.
‘Michelle was truly wonderful,’ she said.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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