I’m crazy about my bum and boobs— Tracy Obonna

Tracy Obonna, the Nigerian-born US-based actress, model, video vixen and a TV host has just been nominated as the Favourite Promising Actor in the Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards (NAFCA), commonly known as the African Oscars.

Tracy Obonna

Obonna, known worldwide as the ‘African Bombshell’ on account of her killer hips and curves says the nomination is like a balm on the pains of many years of slaving in the entertainment world. She talks to Showtime Celebrity on the award, her life, living in the U.S and why she loves flaunting her legendary bum.
How did you feel when you heard you have been nominated in the African Oscars?
Wow, it came as an amazing surprise and honour to be nominated as Favourite Promising Actor for the NAFCA Awards, aka African Oscars. It is truly a humbling, motivating and inspiring experience for me. Life sometimes can be very hard and frustrating especially in this entertainment world, going through ups and downs makes you just want to give up. But no, I can’t stop, I won’t stop especially with the various opportunities and blessings that have and will come my way, there is no time for that. This nomination has given me life and I thank God and the NAFCA organization for this amazing recognition. Please when you have the time, go and vote for me under Favorite Promising Actor.
How about your TV host job with the Videocity, how did you clinch that?
The owner of the show contacted me and asked if I wanted to be the host and I said ‘Yes’.
What does the job mean to you and your career?
To me, hosting Video City means a lot to my career because I’m in front of the camera and on TV, that’s where I want to be, it is always where I want to be. What kind of kicks do you get from hosting the show? Yes, I love it. I get to interview so many amazing artists. What is your connection with Sediore cosmetics? I own the company with my family. I’m the CEO and I oversee a lot of the business decisions.
You seem to have a knack for not keeping your clothes on, why?
I love my body and I work out three times a week to keep it this way, so why not show it off, now that I’m fresh and young.
How do you feel inside when you see many of your bikini shoots dotting the internet?
I feel just fine!
Is it true that it is only by showing off your natural assets that you can get by in the world of entertainment?
No, That’s not true. It’s what you are comfortable doing, everyone has a limit and you just have to know yours.
Don’t you ever think that showing off too much every now and then can actually affect your getting the right husband?
No, I don’t think like that because this is my profession and I want a man to love and accept me for how I am. And that means accepting my modeling and acting career.
Have you ever dated a Nigerian and can you marry one?
Yes and of course I would marry a Nigerian.
How did your journey into entertainment begin?
Wow, it began long ago when I was a little girl in the dance class.
You have been described as an actress, a model, video vixen and whatever; what really are you?
I guess I’m all of the above but I really have a strong passion for acting.
As a Nigerian, how did you find yourself in Canada and then the United States of America?
Well, my parents moved a lot and settled in Toronto, Canada. Then, after playing volleyball I got a scholarship to play D1 volleyball in the States and that’s how I ended up in the States.
Who actually inspired you to go into entertainment, why not pursue a career with your MBA degree?
I’m really inspired by 80s movies and music. I grew up in a household that loved all that as well. And as for my MBA that’s why I started a cosmetic line. I’m implementing what I learnt in Grad school to a real life business.
What would make you kiss a guy on the first date?
If he is really cute.
How did you come about the name “Nigerian bombshell’?
It was given to me as a nickname when I stated modeling, and I started using it as a tribute to my homeland.Tracy-Obonna You starred with Mama G in one of your films, which other Nigerian stars would want to be cast along with?
Wow, I would love to work with Genevieve Nnaji and Mercy Johnson
Do you have any celebrity crush in Nigeria and why?
I would say right now I like Alex, the actor because he a great Actor . I also like D’banj.
You seem to flaunt more of your bum than boobs, why?
I love my assets, both bum and boobs, that’s why, don’t get me wrong I’ll wear a low cut top and show off the ‘girls (boobs) sometimes but my butt is my favorite. I am just crazy about them.
What has been the high point of your career as an entertainer?
I feel like I have not gotten there yet there is still more to come.
What is your biggest dream as an entertainer?
To win an Oscar. And I’m going to work hard towards getting it no matter how much all these fake waste of time wanna-be producers try to discourage me. At the end of the day it’s up to God. God has the last say and he is the only one that can judge me.

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