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A foundation, AA Youth Development Foundation to tackle issues affecting young people through Mentor-ship, Career development workshops, Small Business Commercialization and outdoor events has been launched in Maryland on July 23, 2016, by a Ghanaian resident in the US, Naana Sifah.
At the well-attended launching of the foundation at Frederick MD, CEO of, JD Hawkins used the opportunity to reach out to the youth to be part of this move that is taking Frederick MD by ‘storm’ as well as to be catalyst for change.
As their slogan goes “Leaving no child behind” , AA Youth Development Foundation seeks to provide that platform young people need in a competitive world to effectively reach their full potential both in USA and Ghana.IMG-20160727-WA0000

AA Youth Development Foundation is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are both falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile and youth court systems.
The aim of this organization is to tackle issues affecting young people through mentoring, career development workshops, smallest Business commercialization seminars and outdoor events.
This is all geared towards instilling a sense of hope in the future of these young people.

AA Youth Development Foundation believe that an individual is dramatically influenced by their support systems. And the Mission is to surround these young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment:
 By inspiring them to have strong interpersonal skills, and a sense of hope.
 To show them how to establish goals and follow through.
 To expand their perspective and make them aware of life’s possibilities.

We are in a challenging and a competitive world, where to succeed one need to do extraordinary things. Therefore the vision is to empower and position theses future leaders into the world we live in today.

Ms. Sifah is a go-getter with expertise in Project Management, Banking Operations trained in reconciliation, customer service, sales, marketing and performed various General Managerial roles.
Currently, she is the CEO/Founder of AA Youth Development Foundation Inc. an emerging Nonprofit Organization based in Frederick MD (USA).
Having been a mentee herself, Naana has dedicated her life to Mentoring, Philanthropy and Championing the cause of young people. As a product of a 2 parent household, Naana understands the power of hard work, determination and endurance as the key elements to success.
With a deep desire to stay ahead of the pack in today’s competitive world, Naana currently holds a Master of Science Degree in Project Management from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and has her eyes set on pursuing a PHD in Criminal Justice.

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