NANA KOFI ASANWOMA V, of Gomoa Assin, Calls for peace, stability and unity towards Ghana ‘s 2016 elections

Nana Kofi Asanwoma V, Chief of Gomoa Assin of the Gomoa Akyempim traditional area in the Central region of Ghana had called on the youth to be circumspect of what the future holds for them and to desist from anything that could derail the peace that the country is enjoying now. The prominent Chief, as a youth himself added his voice to the numerous calls being made by eminent people of the country in relation to the upcoming elections in December, to let peace prevail before, during ,and after the elections. Nana Kofi pointed to the fact that Ghana had seen several elections which is gradually distinguishing the country from its neighbours, as far as Democratic practices are concern but, partisan political polarity seems to draw its ugly head anytime elections dawns on us. He reiterated the call on the youth who remains as the foot soldiers of all politicians to be wary of they that might antagonize them to cause mayhem in order to win political power. Nana Kofi gave this advice during a town hall meeting with the youth and opinion leaders of Gomoa Assin at the weekend to climax an extensive clean up exercise organized by the youth of the town. “Anytime there is an election, bear in mind that the politician will never advocate using any member of his or her family to execute any agenda of theirs, but will in the stead go for you the downtrodden and the vulnerable ones, enticing you with all kinds of things” He said. He continued, “If any of you got carried away to cause mayhem, I am cautioning you to know that I, will personally invite the police to isolate you and to deal with you according to the dictates of the law. It is my desire, and expectations that , as youth and potential future leaders, you rather take advantage of every economic opportunity that arises to empower yourselves in order to better your living conditions than following politicians blindly which could ruin your life”. In conclusion, he pleaded with the youth to eschew violence, and to harmonise cohabitation, accommodation of divergent views from either side of the coin towards peaceful election and beyond.


NANA KOFI ASANWOMA V, was enstooled as chief (odikro) of an important town down the cape coast road called Gomoa Assin in the central region of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council in September 2013. Gomoa Assin is uniquely sited because it pays homage to the entire Akyempim traditional area and houses the paramount of the Gomoa Akyempim traditional council. Nana Kofi Asanwoma V,known in private life as Mr .KOFI ANNAN. He is not only a traditional ruler, but a successful private businessman who specialises in estate development to the highest level. His major clients are Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians both home and abroad and the district assemblies to mention of few. Nana kofi is very innovative and versatile in business and highly respected within and outside the Akyempim traditional area. The panoramic view of the Gomoa Akyempim traditional area starts from Gomoa Nyanyano in the east and ends at Gomoa Antseadzi in the west. The entire area of jurisdiction is made up of 152 town and villages with arable lands suitable for large crop cultivation and manufacturing industries. Nana Kofi who is wonderfully gifted with great sense of humor is beautifully married with three (3) kids. Nana Kofi, though one of the youngest among the Gomoa Akyempim chiefs, he is undoubtedly influential and also down to earth in all sphere of life. A role model of a traditional ruler and an enviable personality.
Investment Opportunities
The availability of long stretch of beautiful coastline with very attractive sceneries could be developed into recreational centres for holiday and merry events.
Certain part of the area exist a large stretch of plain arable land noted for vegetable cultivation. With irrigation project about taking off could be harnessed to create employment by establishing all year round farming to enhance the fortunes of the inhabitants.
The Apam Fort Patience built by the Danes but sold to the English in1724. This structure is currently used as a rest house and can be renovated and packaged well to bring more tourists.
Most of the hills in the Traditional area are capped with iron pans, Bauxite and Kaolin. Gold and Bauxite are also embedded within these rocks. The rocks found in the district are suitable for both building and constructional purposes and can therefore be exploited to the benefit of the district. Also, the mineral deposits can be exploited to generate more revenue in aid of the district’s developmental efforts.
The main economic activities of the people are farming that is crops and livestocks, fishing, mining and quarrying, tourism, commerce and services, manufacturing and agro-processing.
Socio-cultural background in the district
There are different ethnic groups in the district such as Gomoa (Akan), Ga’s, Krobos, Ewe, Kyiripon, Kotokoli, Moshie, Frafra among others who co-exist peacefully in their various settlements. Tuesday and Fridays are sacred days when no fishing and farming activities are out. On such days communal works are done in the various communities like mending of fishing nets.
The people of the area have various religious beliefs with major ones being Christians, Muslims, and traditional worshippers. The following festival are observed by the people of Gomoa, Akwambo, Ntokroko, Epa, “Ahobakumma” & “Ahobakese”. The district ha san annual, colourful and exciting festival known as Akwambo popularly known as” Gomoa, two weeks” which attracts a lot of people from all walks of life. The Akwambo festival is usually observed in the month of August of every year. The festival helps bring people back home foe development. The Ntokroko festival is used to make laws and this is celebrated in the first week of November. The Epa festival is celebrated in October and is used to settle disputes. This is normally done outside the chief’s palace.
Tourism in the District
Tourism plays a leading role in the socio-economic development of the country. It is the third after gold and cocoa as the major foreign exchange earner in the country. However, tourism has failed to make any meaningful impact in the district economy as a result of its inability to identify and develop the few tourist site.
Monuments and Historic Towns
The Gomoas have a very extraordinary personality who once lived among them called Asebu Amanfi and he was a very Hugh man, considered as a giant. He was part of the Migrants from Techiman in present day Brong-Ahafo Region, what remains of him is a very heavy walking stick which he used, folks say the stick is so heavy that it will take very strong men to lift it up.
At Gomoa Dago there is a very fine Geographical feature where there is a bigger rock resting on a smaller rock and this is closer to the sea and has no possibility of falling into the sea. Also there are Two big rocks with a pass in-between them and has a very beautiful scenery.
Apam Fort Patience built by the Danes but was sold to the English in 1724. The fort is being used as a Rest House and runned by Ghana Museum Board.
There is also evidence of slavery at Gomoa Nduem where Slave Chains are being preserved. These chains were used during the slavery era where colonial masters used them to bound slaves.
At the heart of the coast of Mumford is a rock called Ekoku with spring water emanating from underneath it and does not taste salty. This Springs never dries up, it flows all year round.
The two main vegetation zones are the coastal savannah and the moist semi-deciduous forest occupying the northern territory. Pockets of vegetation have the resemblances of tropical rain forest that exist at the extreme north and the eastern part around Eshiem and Dawurapong. The moist semi-deciduous forest is characterized by tall trees inter-spaced with grass cover, shrubs and soft wood species.
For more information, you can reach Nana’s palace on +233 244756184 , +233 269439441 +233 579150322


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