Nancy & Elliot’ beautiful Havilah, Lekki, Lagos Wedding

This is the story of two rare hearts. Two people very dear to my heart.
Conventional is a definitely not the word that pops into mind when it comes to Nancy and Elliot. This couple tied the knot last weekend in celebration that screamed – fun! Held at the Havilah, Lekki in Lagos state Nigeria.
The love birds are a special sort of humans. That special sort you only find in special places and once in a rare moment in time. These two beautiful people are unique in their own way and love themselves fiercely. I have been at this business of capturing love long enough to know when two people love each other. These two ticked all those boxes and there is nothing I love better than a couple in love.
The journey to their nuptial started two and a half years ago when they met through a mutual friend, within six months they were an item and it took Elliot just an additional five months to pop the question.
So having told you how much of an angel Nancy is, I guess we can now go ahead and tell you how an angels wedding is done. Honestly, not much of a difference from a human’s wedding.

Wishing Nancy and Elliot a marriage filled with continued laughter, love and joymmw


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