New Kingdom Church Hosts White Sunday Service of Prayer and Explosive Praise and Worship

In their numbers, they came in white ready and poised to experience the power of the Lord through his anointed servant, Pastor Jide Ogunsakin just as the people of Israel were before their crossover of river Jordan under biblical Joshua.

Such was the atmosphere during the special All White Sunday Service, monitored on live streaming by thousands all over the world, including our crew at Pleasures Magazine. The service commenced with prayer, thereafter the choir led the congregation in explosive praise and worship, and there was an instant manifestation of the Holy Spirit, which led to the healing of many, with deliverance from various afflictions.

Pastor Jide Ogunsakin

The Word!
Describing one of the ways Satan hinders the ministering of angels in the life of men is to put on them filthy garment, Pastor Jide explained to the attendees about the tactics of the devil in preventing God’s children to be ministered to by ministering angels.

“One of the ways Satan hinder the ministering of angels in the life of men is to put on them filthy garment.
Zech. 3:1-6
Satan was standing by Joshua to put on him filthy garment to incapacitate the angel from ministering to him. The same way it happens to us as individuals. The only way out for your angels for your angels to minister to you is for filthy garment to be taken from you.

There is going to be an angelic visitation instantly in today s service”. The founder of the New Kingdom Church, Pastor Ogunsakin declared.

After the words of Power and exhortation, the man of God, Pastor Jide Ogunsakin led the congregation into a non-stop prayer time for restoration of destinies, healing , salvation and casting out of filthy garment.

“I command every filthy garment in the life of everyone to catch fire”
Once Satan is with you, the angel of the lord can’t do anything in your life. The same way, it happened to Jesus in the book of Mathew 4:10-11.

“Therefore I resist every devil around your life, finances, business, family, career and ministry in the name of Jesus”
Mathew 28:2 – Holy Ghost earthquake is like the flood of Noah. It consumes God’s enemies and preserves God’s people. “Everyone the enemy has rolled stone on your destiny; the stone is rolling away now”
“Every stone on your destiny I disperse angels to roll it away now by fire”
“Stone of reproach, poverty, lack and want, sickness and infirmity, problems, shame, be rolled away by fire”
Act 5:19 “Everyone in any kind of prison you are coming out of it now”

“I release upon you divine fortification”
Mathew 4:9-11 “may your destiny not be negotiated” satan has a way of suggesting things into you’re your mind that will take you away from God’s agenda for your life.
Whatever controls your life is your God.
Zech. 14:16-17 “may you not lack the rain of God” Lack of absolute worship to God is the reason for dryness in our lives. One thing you can’t overlook is your worship to him. God is interested in our attitude towards worshipping him.

There is sure to be a performance of every decree with powerful testimonies to follow.


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