NextTV Africa , A Multichannel Broadcasting

Bringing great value entertainment and connectivity to our subscribers on the continent has been the driving force to establish NEXT DIGITAL and NextTV.

As a media and entertainment platform, NextTv has been developed to provide new and exciting video and audio content, as well as providing a platform to project Nigeria and Africa’s rich entertainment talent pool globally.
From Nollywood to Afrobeat, from Kannywood to Juju music. Nigeria’s entertainment sector now has an inbuilt National platform to communicate and distribute our spectacularly rich entertainment industry to the rest of the world.
Our engagement with Nigeria’s largest content aggregator also sees us continue to attract industry leaders as we strive to create a leading-edge, sustainable and engaging media platform on the continent of Africa.

By Acquiring more local and domestic content, we believe the NextTv will be able to meet the entertainment demand of the masses within Nigeria and indeed Africa.
Football, is one such content cornerstone that we believe will draw the volume needed for success, especially in Nigeria. Therefore there will be a need for the Mobile Network Operators to design a separate and specific Entertainment Data package for streaming matches and competitions as well as other content.

Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim, Founder – Next TVPrince Malik Ado-Ibrahim, Founder – Next TV

We intend for NextTv to occupy a significant void in the Media and Entertainment space in Nigeria and Africa. This vacancy is due to the prevailing attitude of the Industry leaders, which suggests that without sports and predominantly the English premiership, as well as, the Spanish and Italian leagues, entertainment is doomed on any other platform. The reality that streaming platforms like Netflix have proven this theory wrong and now other content providers like Disney and Apple are introducing there own OTT app for streaming.

DTH is essentially doomed to a similar fate like that of Beta Max and VHS tapes. With mobility and ‘choice on demand’ and ‘on the Go’ being the preferred choice of millennials and Africas youngsters and with Data rates coming down rapidly and competitively, any competitive advantage by an MNO could be segment defining.
In November 2019, NextTv acquired all the commercial rights to the Nigerian Professional Football league (NPFL) in order to gain a unique content offering for our OTT platform. These rights also allow us to expose Nigerian sporting talent locally through various and all platforms. We also intend to commercialize this package internationally to other media platforms. The rights we acquired are principally around production of the football, the league fixtures, as well as all the other rights and commercial properties owned by the teams, the venues. This gives NextTv the ability to develop unique Nigeria and Africa based funding on our OTT platform. This benefits the teams , players and the viewing public. NextTv is also currently in discussion with the Ghanaian Football federation for their leagues rights through the same production formula.

The immense local, continental and global interest in Nigerian music and artist has given NextTv the opportunity to localize our interests continentally and by so doing, develop creative means for Africans to access Music through deals with aggregators As well as, unique content from performers and artists from Nigeria’s awesome music scene.. From Music videos, to membership streaming packages, pay per view concerts and access to social media interactions with stars, NextTv has attracted a tremendous amount of interest from the music industry, an industry desperate for localization of revenue streams rather that through offshore revenue deals with the like of Apple Music and Spotify. Once again our objective is to drive and crystallize a proudly African platform that can project the best of Africa’s entertainment talent regionally and globally, since our app is not geo-fenced. With Data rates coming down, we believe that this is the perfect time to grow our business and disrupt the established order in African entertainment.

For Africa’s largest movie industry and the 3rd largest in the world, Nollywood, NextTv is a god send. The movie industry in Nigeria and on the continent struggles with lack of infrastructure and distribution channels. NextTv is able to hold content on its servers, for streaming and downloads and the industry gets a chance to modify its revenue streams, modernize it distribution channels away from CD’s and bootlegged material. NextTv offers streaming, analytics, revenue sharing and auditing to the industry. Critically this should see the industry create better quality product and improve returns on investments to investors and production companies. This will be a huge paradigm shift for the industry on to a more modern and state of the art distribution and content assessment platform, like Netflix and other streaming and viewing platform.

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