Nigerians are in for the worst, Ghanaian Prophet Emmanuel Kobi Declares Following Buhari’s Re-Election

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi is the Founder and Head Pastor of Glorious Wave Church International, Accra, Ghana. The vision of Glorious Wave Church, is to teach Christians that they belong to a kingdom and that until they connect with the glory of God’s kingdom on earth, they will struggle in all areas of their lives. Hence, the mission of the church is to restore God’s glory to His people through the teaching of His words and through the prophesies that He (God) reveals through His prophets.

Speaking with Ola Babatunde,  publisher of Pleasures Magazine on leadership in Africa and particularly about the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections in Nigeria, the bold and eloquent Prophet said, without fear or favour, that he had earlier prophesied that President Muhammadu Buhari of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, was going to rig the country’s presidential election initially scheduled for February 16, 2019, but later postponed to February 23,2019, in his favour. He reaffirmed that God had revealed it to him long before the election date. He stated that Buhari would rig the elections and that was why he announced it on December 31, 2018, adding that he has been vindicated.

Prophet Badu Kobi further cautioned that the return of President Buhari to power for the next four years was not good for Nigeria. He therefore called on all Nigerians, especially the church in Nigeria, to rise up and begin to pray fervently so that God can intervene in the misery that awaits Nigerians in the next four years.
Asked why he often gives prophesies about leadership in Africa rather than sticking to the pulpit to which he has been called, the outspoken prophet responded that the church can’t afford to stand apart from government leadership. He said it would be an error for the church to distant itself from that. He stressed that the church must be able to influence African leadership through the effective teaching of the word of God. Prophet Badu Kobi added that the church is given dominion over the earth, the church must therefore be involved in or, at least, influence leadership so that the glory of God can reflect in the leadership of Africa.

‘…..I was praying for 2019, and the Lord dropped it in my heart that the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria would be rigged by the sitting president in the person of Muhammadu Buhari. God instructed me to say it and that was why I said it, and it has come to pass. God revealed to me that it wasn’t his mandate but he will steal it, and that is what he has done. I have been vindicated…..’
Commenting on why rigging elections is such a common phenomenon in Africa, Prophet Badu Kobi gave three reasons why it’s so.
The first is a reckless and wanton desire to hold on to power. African leaders generally love to hold on to power. Secondly, there is the use of state resources. The man in power will use everything available to him including the resources of the state, to buy votes for himself through whatever means. Lastly, he said they will institute an electoral process that would aide them to manipulate the elections results to their favour. He said that African leaders have devised a scheme that helps them achieve their permissive will against the perfect will of God. Explaining this further, he said permissive will is the wanton desire of the so-called leaders to grab power even when it’s not the will of God for them to be in power. This happens when the person who has the favour of the perfect will of God fails to do the needful and probably feels too relaxed because God has said he will win.
The fearless man of God also made references to the presidential election of Ghana, his home country, which was held about three years ago, adding that God also told him then to tell the people of Ghana that President Nana Akuffo Addo was not the man to lead Ghana and that should they go ahead and elect him president, the people of Ghana will suffer and that it’s exactly what is happening in Ghana. The same thing, he said, happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere just as he had spoken about through the prophesies that God gave to him.

Prophet Badu Kobi warned that although some people are stealing the mandate of the people through permissive means, the consequences of such actions will visit them while they hold on to power. He asserted that most African countries have the wrong people as their presidents.
‘…….Most African countries have thieves and people who use permissive means to get to power, as their presidents…..’
Responding to what will happen next, given that his prophesies have come to pass with video evidences showing how members of the ruling All Progressives Congress thumb printed millions of ballot papers in favour of President Buhari, which gave him the stolen victory, the prophet unequivocally said Nigerians were in for the worst, stressing that serious hardship and unbearable suffering would be their lot for the next four years. He emphasized that only the Nigerians who cling more closely to God may not suffer too much for the next four years.
Again, he urged the church in Nigeria,and indeed, Africa, to enter into fervent prayer for the people of Nigeria so that God intervenes and delivers His people from the wickedness that shall be unleashed on them.

‘…….Buhari coming to power was a serious error. In the first place, he rigged the election in 2015 and he has done it again in 2019. God saw it, and that was why he showed it to me and I said it. Nigerians allowed him to manipulate his way again to remain in power. That’s why they will pay for it unless they pray fervently for God’s timely intervention…..’
Asked if he would advise the main opposition to challenge the results of the election in court, his answer was short and simple:
“Of course, Mr. Atiku has the right to go to court if he has convincing evidence to prove that his mandate and that of Nigerians has been stolen. However, I fear for him, because with the way the whole process was manipulated, I don’t see him getting victory even in the court.”
Requested to comment about the leadership and government of his home country, Ghana, Prophet Badu Kobi reiterated what he had earlier mentioned. He warned Ghanaians not to vote for Akuffo Addo as president because God had revealed to him through prophesies then that he, Akuffo Addo, was not the man that God wanted to lead Ghana. However, just like Nigerians, Ghanaians allowed Akuffo Addo to use permissive means to become President, and today, Ghanaians are experiencing hardship like never before. He warned that come 2020, when Ghanaians will be going to the polls again, the people of Ghana must be vigilant, wise and protective of the voting process. If they are not, the government of the day will again use permissive means to steal the elections and remain in power.
When asked what should be the role of the church in all these, he said the church must pray hard for the perfect will of God to come to pass in the process of electing leaders and instituting leadership in Africa, especially Nigeria and Ghana.

‘…….The church in Ghana must pray for the perfect will of God to manifest when it comes time to elect new leaders for Ghana come 2020. The church should also educate her members about what leadership and good governance is, and not just tell them to go and vote.
Stating his opinion on the proposed National Cathedral to be built by the government of President Akuffo Addo, the prophet said he was not against the idea. However, he added that he is yet to fully understand the real intention of the President, because, he is convinced that he has an ulterior motive in respect of the project.
On the way forward for Africa, leadership and economies of the continent, Prophet Badu Kobi said that there was no hope for the continent in the next fifty years unless the church begins to play her rightful influential role over African leadership.

At this time, he said the church engrosses itself in itself. It is more concerned about building cathedrals, auditoriums, what to eat, what to wear and all that. But the church must be reminded that it was established to take dominion and influence the earth. If the church dose not get involved in influencing governments, the continent will not make any headway in the next fifty years.
Reacting to the question on why some men of God sometimes prophesy but their prophesies don’t seem to come true, citing examples of some men of God who prophesied that Atiku was going to win the February 2019 presidential election but that didn’t come to pass, Prophet Badu Kobi referred back to what he said about people thwarting the perfect will of God through permissive means to perpetuate themselves in power. He further stated that only fervent prayer by the church as well as vigilance from the one God has chosen to be in power can overturn the permissive will of the people who want to cling to power at all costs.
“I repeat, in anything that is contestable, God will have His perfect will, but if the one who is to win becomes relaxed, thinking that he will win because it’s the will of God for him to win, the opponent will outsmart him through permissive means. That’s what has been happening, not that the men of God giving the prophesies are not hearing from God.”

Asked about the current state of his relationship with one of his sons, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, he said they are still in a perfect ‘spiritual father-spiritual son’ relationship and that they keep constant contact with each other. Commenting on the political career of Chief Fani-Kayode, Prophet Badu Kobi said he doesn’t see him getting back into the government soon, given the present political structure on the ground in Nigeria. He stressed that the system is still very bad.
On what he had to say about Nigeria in general, he said Nigeria as a country has everything except that it lacks direction and good leadership. If Nigeria can get it right in terms of leadership and economy, Nigeria will be one of the best countries in the world.

Commenting again on his Home country, he said that if he were to meet with the president of Ghana, he would advise him to be a truthful man, adding that there is no truthfulness in the Akuffo Addo administration. He said for the president to say that he is thinking of the next generation, not the next election, it shows that he is not being very truthful. It’s the next election that will take him into the next generation.
Commenting on the question why he was embarking on an empowerment program, he said that he is a man who believes that everybody has the right to enjoy wealth and be happy. Hence, he empowers people to make themselves independent and self reliant. He indicated that one does not necessarily need to be a millionaire to do that. It is rather about change of mind to achieve financial prosperity. He affirmed his prophetic mandate as a distributor of wealth so that he wouldn’t be the only one to live well but he would like to see the people around him also live exceptionally well.

As his parting message, he said the church should stop sitting in the comfort of their auditoriums to concern themselves with themselves alone.
“The church must start thinking about leadership because the church was established to take dominion over the earth. It will not be able to rule the earth unless it gets involved in government and leadership. The church must influence the nation or the nation will not make headway.”
Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi advised the people of Ghana to look forward to the 2020 presidential election with hope and faith in God. However, he urged them to make sure that come the election year, they must do the right thing and vote the right person to power or they should as well also prepare for the worst in the years ahead. He enjoined all members of the church fraternity on the continent to remain steadfast in prayer to influence the world.

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