Olajumoke Orisaguna set to start her own bakery but she needs N5million

Bread seller turned model, Olajumoke Orsaguna whose story inspired millions, needs more than N5 million to start a bakery. Encomium reports.

There are plans by Sijibomi Ogundele (of Sujimoto Construction) to bankroll a bakery for the Iree-born hairstylist who photo-bombed TY Bello’s shoot of Tinie Tempah on February 2, 2016 and became a celebrity.

Last month, Sijibomi Ogundele told ENCOMIUM Weekly:

“For the past few months we have known her, we realized that Olajumoke is a lifetime project. We want to engage her, not just giving her an apartment, what would happen if the rent expires in the next five years. Yes, she is a model but that is not enough. She is a mother of two and her husband does not have work, we pay her monthly salary but before the end of the year, we want a bakery for her. Her story came from selling bread, hopefully by the grace of God. We pray God gives us life and hope, we would create the bread of hope where she would work.
Olajumoke is like an entrepreneur, she knows how to add this to that, we are trying to maximize her potentials. No matter how small the bakery would be, we want to try to see if we can do that.”
And aside the building for the bakery, more than N5 million will go into the purchase of equipment and materials.

The budget also excludes staffers that will man the bakery.

An expert ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to explained all the cost centers the mother of two daughters will need to kick off…

JOSEPH IJEMBA (Precious Bakery, Haruna, Ogba)

How much will it cost to start a bakery business?

It depends on the locality, that is, the area where you want to erect the bakery. Doing a bakery business in Matogun is quite different from doing it in Ikeja, Obalende and several other places in Lagos state. Things to consider are the targeted consumers.
There are areas where you do not have to make bread because people won’t consume it because they prefer the Agege bread. But setting up a mini – bakery nowadays, let me just call it mini, you must have at least N5 million.

The N5 million, does it include the building rentage fee?

No, not at all. The N5 million is after you must have gotten the land and building for the business. The N5 million covers the machines and the ingredients for starting the business.

Olajumoke Orsaguna

Can you mention some of the machines used in bakery business and how much they cost?

We have the milling machine which is between N2 million to N3 million depending on how big the bakery is. The oven which can be classified into two major parts, that is the electric and the local oven. The local oven is the mud oven, while the electric one has different types as well.

We have the tunnel, rotary and deck electric ovens. There are other types too. Let’s just make do with these three. The tunnel oven is 20 and of course it is for very big bakery. May be the type that will serve the whole nation. The rotary oven is between N5 million to N10 million. You can also get the fairly used rotary oven for N2.5 million or N3 million.

Then the deck oven can be gotten between N1 million and N1.5 million. That is what I use here. Other machines that we use are the slicing machine which is about N300,000, the moulding machine which is N1 million, the cutting table (made of stainless steel) is the scale which can be the digital scale or the normal scale and this must not be less than 10 kg. You can get these for N15,000 or N20,000 or N50,000. So those are the machines.

It seems all the machines are quite expensive compared to perception. Is the business so lucrative?

The business used to be a very lucrative one. Before now there used to be a lot of profit in it until the price of the machines and ingredients skyrocketed.

Talking about the ingredients, how much do you buy them?

The flour is now N11,200 per bag, sugar is N20,000. Those are the most expensive. You can still buy, salt in bit because we use more of sugar than salt. At least, we use 6.5kg of sugar for one bag of flour.

Which other things do you need to put in place after all these before business can kick start?
You have to register your business name, your brand name, the bakery and you have to register with NAFDAC too since you are producing food item. They will have to check on you and make sure everything is in place.

What about the baking pan, how much do you get them?
It depends on the size. Here, we only bake two sizes which is the big size, that’s the N250. And the medium size, that size of pan is between N150 and N250. The quantity of bread you make daily determines how many you will get.

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