On Sharing The Exact Step-by- Step Strategy Used to Build a Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brand that High-End Consumers Can’t do Without – Feyisola Adeyemi

Ideas and concepts are the core of all creative art and design world, while imagination, innova¬tion, intuition and structuring in the vocational world of art and design are crucial for practitioners to create successful artworks, designs, and products, says Feyisola Adeyemi, CEO and Creative Director of women’s apparel label LuxuryByFeyi.

Feyi, as fondly called is one of Nigeria’s best flying the flag of the country and doing a roaring trade at the global fashion market. The international designer is the embodiment of living a stylish life and impacting others’ fashion choices, which are two traits every fashion entrepreneur covets deeply.
Her exploits in the last five years are a testament to her tenacity and talent. To date, Feyi’s designs have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Glamour, Schon, Grazia, Runway and some other renowned global fashion platforms. LuxuryByFeyi has also debuted on mainstream stages such as the European Music Awards, the Emmys, the NAACP Image Awards and Coachella. This is in addition to having a collaboration showcased with Aston Martin London during the SS19 London Fashion Week. In this interview with PLEASURES MAGAZINE, Feyi reveals some of the strategies she used to build a sustainable luxury fashion brand that Hollywood celebrities and the high-end consumers couldn’t wait to own.

You have certainly come a long way. In the five years that your fashion outfit has existed, you’ve made quite the impact, getting recognition and mentions on quality platforms. How did you achieve that, what’s the secret to your success?
I understand receiving a prominent appearance in renowned publications as Vogue, Glamour magazine amongst others, and debuting on mainstream stages such as NAACP Image Awards, Emmys, MTV Euro¬pean Awards, and Coachella with even a collaboration showcase with Aston Martin London Automobile are all big achievements to have attained within the short period of five years.
But it’s all been through hard-work, resilience, not limiting myself and work, and an unwillingness to quit. However, the true secret to my success has been getting my fashion brand building structure right, which includes, brand identity, brand mapping (positioning), brand purpose and more. Believe it or not, brands are somehow determined and defined by their structure, if your brand building is not structured right you would find it difficult to attract the right audience or to grow.
Thus, led me to create a teaching platform tagged “The Unstoppable Fashionista Brand Building Masterclass” to help budding designers on fashion branding structure.
Whereby, will be giving away the exact step-by- step strategy I used to build a sustainable luxury fashion brand and how these methods can be applied to attract the right target audiences that would lead to sales and growth.

Who is the masterclass program for and How can interested individuals be part of it?
The program is for aspiring or young designers, also suitable for existing designers who are struggling with visibility or growth. This Masterclass is an e-learning four weeks class and spaces can be booked via our website https://luxurybyfeyi.com/masterclass/ in advance before the 15th of November 2020 which is the scheduled commence date.

What can we look forward to from Luxury by Feyi?
Having a much bigger presence in the Nigeria market and other fashion capital cities like Milan and Paris that we haven’t really made huge impact. We are grateful, we’ve been able to penetrate the United Kingdom and American market. Also, we are working on getting our ‘Unstoppable Fashionista Brand Building’ masterclass much bigger visibility to attract more audience.

What is the one thing that you believe a person must possess to be a success, and what makes that quality so important?
Positive attitude and persever¬ance. One needs to possess a realis¬tic optimism because you have to be able to take action and be optimistic no matter what the result may be. Your mindset must be built around the belief that your success is inev¬itable. This positive attitude allows you to persevere and be resilient when things don’t go your way.

Instagram: @luxurybyfeyi , @feyisworld
Facebook: Feyisola Adeyemi
LinkedIn: Feyisola Adeyemi
Website: www.luxurybyfeyi.com
Team Credit:
Wardrobe: LuxuryByFeyi
Stylist: Rita Latinwo
Hair: Harmony hair
Creative direction: Feyisola Adeyemi
Creative coordination: Brenda David
Image: Michael Tubes

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