One Couple, Two Callings, One Purpose, Meet Apostle Travis and Apostle Noeleen Smith

  • Anointed and ordained by God…..

Apostle Travis and Noeleen Smith are the founders of ‘For His Glory International Ministries’ (FHGIM) since 2010.
Prior to (FHGIM) both of them served selflessly in other Ministries for over 15 years collectively.
The Lord led them to join these Ministries where they both submitted and served with zeal and passion under anointed men of God where they were trained and mentored.

In the State of New York USA where they served with diligence and commitment because of their deep love for God and His people.
Apostle Travis hails from Buffalo, New York and served in Rochester, Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Whilst Apostle Noeleen originated from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Which she had relocated to Brooklyn New York since 1995.Where she served in two ministries there and one in Bronx, NY.

Apostle Travis and Apostle Noeleen Smith

During their season of mentorship their mantle of Apostleship would be repeatedly confirmed. Eventually they were affirmed and launched out by the leading of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their mandate.
(FHGIM) humbly started out in Brooklyn NY. with the vision statement of Obadiah 1:17 late Spring of 2010.Then they started conducting weekly meetings in St. Albans Queens, NY. In the year of June 2012 the Lord ministered for the Ministry to go on an evangelical trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

What was originally planned as a 3 week outreach turned into a five month assignment. The Faithfulness of God blessed them with facilities in the Northern western part of the island called Petit Valley. They also visited different ministries and churches throughout the islands.
Upon returning back to New York. Apostle Travis saw a great need for Teaching and Training in the Word that’s when the School of the Prophets named the Issachar Institute was born. Four years later (FHGIM) began hosting Revivals meetings in West Philadelphia and eventually in North Philadelphia.

Apostle Noeleen Smith

This Apostolic couple move and operate in the five fold and gifts of the miraculous and healing. They both also operate heavily in the prophetic by the Grace of God with gifts of dreams and vision interpretation.
Apostle Travis and Apostle Noeleen have a unique style of tag teaming as they minister alongside each other. They now mentor and train both locally and internationally by hosting conferences and seminars on any topic led by His Spirit. Their main passion is that people get to know God for themselves personally and get prepared and be ready for the return of Jesus Christ and to remain RAPUTURABLE. So they both travel to do Prophetic Revivals to instruct, encourage and comfort God’s people that His purpose and will be fulfilled in all the earth in Jesus mighty name.

A World Wide Assignment for Realigning, and redirecting people to their God given Purpose !!!That they can walk in the fullness of who they were created to be in Christ Jesus! That is Victorious, Empowered and Prosperous!!! Description

The Apostolic Vision of FOR HIS GLORY International Ministries is about Preparing, Training, Equipping and Educating people about these end times. Setting the Captives free in the name of Jesus, unlocking destinies, and Enlightening minds about the knowledge and will of God for their lives in every way possible

Location: 187-11 Linden Blvd St. Albans Queens New York
Tel: 610 482 2995 , 212 470 1999

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