‘Ordinary’ Ahmad Isah: Meet The “Voice Of The Voiceless”, The Man Behind The ‘Brekete Family’

Brekete Family Programme is a reality radio and TV magazine talk show that airs on Human Rights 101.1 Abuja, and is streamed live on the social media. It features real life issues and events concerning human rights. It has gained wide acceptance and mass appeal especially among ordinary Nigerians because it has a community help network which reaches out to the less privileged, and intervenes in everyday human rights abuses of downtrodden citizens.
The community network and magazine programmes have in their centre of operations a man that has garnered so much goodwill over the years among the poor masses, that he is known by Brekete Family members as the “Voice of the Voiceless”: Ordinary Ahmad Isa or Ordinary President. The “Ordinary” in his name is a vocal contraption of the class he represents.
He is also the founder and president of the Family; and in most cases, the anchor of the broadcast programmes.

Dr. Ahmad Isah (GCON), The Ordinary President and Executive Media Strategist of Human Rights Radio 101.1

This programme has exposed many good and bad people, government and private organs. It has shaped the understanding of many Nigerians towards patriotism, dedication and commitment to duty and humanity. Many of the individuals and organizations and institutions have sat up. Many have dedicated desk officers to monitor what concerns them from the programme. Those of like visions and missions have gone into partnership with the programme and many persons have volunteered to render different humanitarian services free of charge. I cannot recall anything better.

Individuals seeking justice at the forefront of the Human Rights Radio complex
Individuals seeking justice at the forefront of the Human Rights Radio complex

Berekete Family has resolved many complicated societal matters. It has reconciled warring societal groups and faceoff between individual Nigerian citizens/organizations and governments (federal, state and local) and their agencies. Some parents who procreate and abandon without caring, children who fall out of control of their parents due to bad influences, people who have met injustices in their surroundings or workplaces, citizens who gloat over the misfortunes of other citizens, public officers who do not play by the rules and any person whose voice or action is not heard are all taken care of by the programme either by tutoring or enforcement through relevant organs empowered by the nation’s constitution to carry out such duties. Summarily, maltreatment from different quarters, including wrongful dismissal from office or school, pension matters or other unpaid entitlements, brutalization in the hands of some armed security operatives, wrong treatment in hospitals and other public institutions, landlord/tenant and similar disputes as well as other human right violations are effectively handled. Ahmad is the voice of the voiceless and the action of the actionless.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah attending to people with needs

Monitored by Pleasures Magazine, the last Wednesday’s 29th November, 2017 live programme on Human Rights 101.1 radio was anchored by one of the Ordinary President’s lieutenants Suleiman Abdulrazaq AKA Akaramakala.

The day programme focused mainly on electricity and a team of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), were at the Brekete Family studio to provide answers to numerous complaints by the listeners and some of the studio audience. The team also lectured the public on the danger of trees that are too close to electricity poles. The company’s PRO Mr Shekarau Ahmed said the line can be blown over in high winds, pulling the line down from supporting poles, even while the line remains energized—thus creating a very dangerous, life-threatening situation for an unaware passerby.
Furthermore, another member of the team said, “these trees adjacent to overhead power lines can represent a public safety risk and interrupt the supply of electricity, especially in severe weather. It is, therefore, necessary to manage them in order to minimize these potential problems by always calling on the company for trimming or removing trees.”

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah anchored the show the following day, Ahmad shouts: Hembelembeh! And the Berekete House replies: Olololo!! Both sounds according to ordinary president mean a lot. In short, both sounds capture all what Berekete Family stands for. Hembelembeh means in the dictionary of Berekete Family “the person who has nobody has God, while Olololo means “the person who has God has everything. Both sounds capture the reality of life for those who understand and reflect. Nothing more can be said of the truth therein. One with God is majority is the common religious proverb. Have people around, you cannot have the assurances of life securities. Have God and trust in Him alone, and all things shall be added onto you.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah attending to people with needs

The programme is conducted purely in Nigerian pidgin English, with a resounding greeting of a prolonged last ‘g’ Good morning, repeated three times. This is done after the recitation of the Nigerian national pledge: I pledge to Nigeria my country…; then follows the daily advice for Nigerians: brother, sister, uncle, aunty to wake and strive for the betterment of the society. Ahmad would say: “Lazy brother…, wake up! Lazy man…, wake up! Take your life do better things!” At the end of the third greeting, the Berekete Family members in the studio would overwhelmingly reply and add these qualities to Ahmad: GCON, Double Doctor, Double Ambassador, Five Star Comrade and Senior Advocate of the masses as well as other traditional tiles. Methink what Ahmad does through this medium deserves more. He is the real vicegerent of God on earth because God is good. And he who is good is assured of God’s happiness and security.
With selfless volunteers such as Suleiman Abdulrazaq AKA Akramakallah, Madam Andra Uwadiae AKA Positive temptation, a chartered mediator and councilor. Daddy Scaffold, Barr. Ogo AKA F&B, Mr Sunday (Chairman, Brekete Family Taxi), Mrs Blessing Ayodele Barr. Paul, Barr. Adams, Barr. Elias, Consultant Iyke and others with their beautiful meaningful alias, Ahmad Isah is succeeding in building a world of innocence and humanity. This Family is growing daily all over the world. And the cases resolved on daily basis and with immediate effect supersede what conventional apparatuses can do, if possible at all, in months and years. They are such cases that would linger in the police or in courts for years. But with Ahmad Isah’s family, only days are counted for results.
A team from the Unicef and FCT Primary Healthcare, headed by Pharmacist Abdulaziz were at the studio to talk about their upcoming project ‘Maternal Intervention week’, where children will be brought for immunization and free distribution of deworming tablets and other medical screening, including hiv screening and health education.
Thereafter, it was the time for complainers to aired their cases.

A widow, the wife of the former Surveyor-General of the Federation, late Col. Babatunde Thomas Aderemi Allo (RTD.) sought the brekete family’s assistance in retrieving her deceased spouse’s properties, especially the one he leased to Southern fried chicken, located at Koda link Wuse 2 Abuja. After the widow, Mrs Memuna Allo narrated her story on the programme, calls were made on her behalf and she was directed to the Human right commission ‘office for instant intervention. Also on the programme was Dr Okeke Nkechi Mercy (pHD.), she came on the brekete family programme to present her case, coming all the way from Enugu state, South-east Nigeria. She accused her former employer ‘University of Nigeria Nsukka” for wrongful dismissal after being accused of illegally receiving salaries from her previous work place (a Government owned secondary school). She wrote a couple of letters to the university board to look into her matter but without any positive outcome , reason why she brought her case to the Brekete Family and as usual the man of the masses, the Ordinary President took the matter up and placed a call to the Public Complain Commission’s PRO, Mrs Modupe Kolawole and the lingering case is set to be resolved in no time as promised by the commission.

In Conclusion:
Ahmad does not take money from complainants. Although 90 per cent of the programme and projects are unpaid for, he uses the remaining 10 per cent from sponsorship or advertisements to pay salaries and tax and also run the station. To him “We are prudent with resources.” Good people with the sole intention of helping humanity should support this family as it is expected to have physical branches all over Nigeria for people to feel its direct and immediate impact. Kudos to the common man’s president Dr. Ahmad Isah and his Berekete Family! God bless you all.

The show airs from Monday to Saturday, between 7:30 and 9:00 . The station, known as Human Rights Radio 101.1, is situated around the Games Village Abuja. Human Rights Radio is the first 100% Human Rights Radio Station in the whole world, with the sole aim of fighting on behalf of those that cannot fight for themselves, which include but not limited to the oppressed, abused, discriminated against, marginalized etc because of his or her gender, status, colour, or nationality

Facebook: Brekete Family
Website: www.humanrightsradio.org
Mobile app: Human Rights Radio
Email Address: info@humanrightsradio.org , president@humanrightsradio.org
Address: Plot 1184, Kaura District, Beside Game village, FCT-Abuja

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah with a staff of Human Rights Radio 101.1, Precious
The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah with the publisher of Pleasures Magazine, Mr Ola Babatunde
Blessing, a staff of Human Rights Radio 101.1
Fatima Ibrahim, a staff of Human Rights Radio 101.1


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