Pastor Bakare proffers solution to Nigeria problem

Nigeria most fiery clergy and the Senior pastor of The Latter Rain Assembly located at Akilo, Ogba Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare has said the challenge of democracy in Nigeria that has crystallized into the many troubles facing the nation is as a result of national neglect of late Chief MKO Abiola.

The man of God dropped the bombshell recently while preaching in his church that the peace of Nigeria democracy is largely dependent on the National recognition of the man who died for the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria. He supported his message to Nigerian with the story of Saul and David, that though Saul fell out of God’s grace yet, that did not stop the calling and the enthronement of King Saul at the beginning of his kingship in Israel. He said when King Saul displeased God, his kingdom was taken away and David was anointed and crowned in his stead. When Saul died outside the land of Israel in the hands of his enemies, there were so many troubles in the land until King David ordered that late King Saul bones be brought back to Israel. It was after David honoured Saul that peace was restored in Israel.

Pastor Bakare said, Nigeria’s democracy was built on the blood of late MKO Abiola the winner of the freest and fairest election that Nigeria ever conducted, the then Director of Electoral Authority late Humphrey Nwosu announced Abiola of SDP as the winner but the then military leader Ibrahim Babagida (IBB) annulled the election, the annulment of June 12, 1993 election almost led Nigeria into another civil war.

“Nigerians, I stand to declare to you today that until Abiola is given a national honour not just South Western Nigeria, it will be difficult to get it right.” He expressed that all the problems faced by various Government are not as a result of corruption or mismanagement but they are yet to honour the man whose life was sacrificed for democracy to stand in the country. “I don’t care of whatever mistake or error he has committed as a man but God knew what he had done and that is the position of God, whenever I see any of our presidents walking on Red carpet I say to myself they are walking on the blood of Abiola”.

He also pointed out that the economy of Nigeria will pick up, he specifically mentioned that change will start happening to Nigeria economy from the month of October This year.

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