Prophet Sampson Amoateng Of The House Of Miracle Ministry Tours The World On Prophetic Revolution Mission; Honoured By Us Mayor For Erudite In The Revolution Of Scriptural Prophetic Ministration

Born into a humble Amoateng family of the Brong Ahafo tribe in Ghana, with a real humble beginning, Prophet Sampson Amoateng, Founder and General Overseer of the House of Miracle Ministry, started his life as a Pharmacy Technologist. He got called into the Lord’s vineyard at the tender age of 15, but hearkened to the call fully only about a decade age and is today a voice that is heard strongly around the world in scriptural prophetic teaching and ministration. He was recently honored with a prestigious award by a US Mayor in recognition of the commitment to and erudite in the revolution of the prophet teaching and ministration.

Prophet Sampson Amoateng with Minister Elijah Berrian

Prophet Sampson Amoateng of the House of Miracle Ministry located in one of the Muslim dominated areas of Accra, Ghana, in his determined resolve to reach out to the world with his ministration of the revelation of the mystery of scriptural prophecies, organized and held two conferences on prophetic ministration at Chicago and Tacoma, U.S.A, where an autonomous population of worshippers came to listen to him teach the truth and mystery of scriptural prophecies and the act of prophesying itself. This mission, he says, will help God’s children (Christians) understand the mystery of prophecies so that they can derive full benefit from the word of God concerning them.

‘My Revolutionary teaching of the mystery of God’s prophecies will eliminate ignorance which many Christians all over the world suffer concerning prophetic ministration in their lives and thereby draw them closer to God, the creator. It will also absorb many pastors and prophets of the blame most of their congregation members usually heap on them as a result of their (members) inability to fully understand the prophecies given concerning them; he said.
HIS TEACHING ON PROPHECIES: Prophet Sampson, on prophecies, teaches that every prophecy is potentially fifty-percent accomplished when given or revealed. The remaining fifty percent depends on the person whom the prophecy is given to or about to make it fully accomplished. But the ignorance of most people about this makes it difficult for the prophecies given concerning them to come to pass and in the end, they turn around to blame the pastor or the prophet who revealed the prophecies concerning them.

Prophet Sampson Amoateng

“I teach about prophecies the way Jesus Christ teaches in his examples. For instance, the mystery of the breaking of the bread in the Holy Communion has been misunderstood by many people (Christians) in the world today. That is why many Pastors or Reverends don’t break bread again while giving the Holy Communion to their members. But that is what I teach, so that Christians can truly understand the prophetic mysteries behind every prophecy because prophecies are the plan of God for mankind,” he said.

SUCCESS OF THE U.S CONFERENCE: Speaking on the success of the Prophetic Revolutionary Conference in the US, Prophet Sampson Amoateng says that the conference recorded a tremendous success that amazed him. He added that the huge success of his North American conference on Revolutionary Prophetic Ministration was an indication that God has given the North America to House of Miracle Ministry for Christ.
“I was astounded by the crowd of people that attended my conference on Revolutionary Prophetic teaching in America. And that is simply a clear indication that God Himself has given us America, my brother, he said excitedly.

INTERNATIONAL HONOUR: As the saying goes there is no hiding place for a gold fish. This was the case when Prophet Sampson Amoateng mounted the podium and released his exceptional, revelatory and revolutional message on scriptural prophetic ministration at Tacoma, USA. His words were soft but forceful. His message was clear, truthful, revelatory and revolutional. The message held the astronomical large congregation spell bound, ceased their breath as it penetrated every fiber of the neurons of their brains.
Prophet Sampson Amoateng was honoured with a prestigious recognition award by the Mayor of the City of Tacoma, which added credence to his mission as well as serve as an encouragement for him to do more in the Lord’s vineyard.

Prestigious recognition award by the Mayor of the City of Tacoma to Prophet Sampson Amoateng

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