Prophetic Speed by Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo

LUKE 8:43 – 44: “And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, cam behind and touched the borders of his garments: and immediately her issue of blood stanched”.

The Bible said the woman has done all she could, suffering in the hand of physicians, she spend all, probably she was a rich woman. From year one she thought it will go away, year two, three to the twelfth year but nothing happened. Some of ours by now you should have married, be in school or run a successful business, what should have happened in a year has taken you eight years and nothing has really happened.

Some of ours since you got married to your husband/wife till now no child to show for it, you have been expecting a child from the first year and now it’s the eighteenth year no issue. Twelfth is number that represent added strength, it means establishment, it means the problem has become part of the woman’s makeup. The woman entire system has become used to the problem, she has tried all she could but it has refused to go and has become part of her.
A situation where the delay has become part of your life, refusing to go but glory be to God, Jesus is available to put a stop to every situation in your life no matter how many years it has been there. The bible said when she came in contact with the man that has the power, immediately the problem disappeared, twelfth years of an establish problem disappeared at once when she touched the man that has the anointing, I prophesy you are next in line for a sudden miracle in your life in Jesus name – Amen.

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo – Founder, Evangelistic Vine Ministry International

What is Prophetic?
These are words and actions that are inspired by the Holy Ghost, not coming from the human senses or mind. To be Prophetic means to be inspired by the Holy Ghost. Every word and actions of Elijah were lead by God, in the session of famine he was given prophetic directions to go to the brook where God miraculously fed him. Through prophetic inspiration God send him to the widow of zerraphath. Prophetic means to be directed, driven or propel by the Holy Ghost (a divine force that the human eye cannot see). When Elijah was praying, his servant came back to tell him that he saw a cloud and Elijah knew that the abundance of rain was coming and he ask the king to ride off, the scriptures said Elijah buckle up and the Hand of the lord came upon him and he overtook a man that was riding on horses, I declare to you reading this that it is not by power nor by might but by my spirit sayeth the lord, I declare to you by the power of the Holy Ghost every delay is eliminated out of your life in the name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Ghost is taking you on a divine speed to recover all that you have lost in Jesus Name – Amen.
There are two ways to achieve speed in life; the natural system and the supernatural or Prophetic System.

Before we dive into factors that enhance Prophetic Speed lets deal with natural system for speeds.
1. PROPER EDUCATION: To enjoy natural speed you must acquire proper education where necessary fact for proper intellectual and skill development are received. Learn, acquire facts, read other people books to discover and enhance your skills. Get education that is centered around the development of your skills not just going to school. Ignorance makes things delay, confusion sets in where there is ignorance. Get proper information that will facilitate transformation in your life.

2. BE DECISIVE: Decisiveness is one of the strong pillars to experiencing Speed. Irrespective of who you are you must learn to make and embark on sound decision. Be decisive, stop waiting for favorable conditions, create your favorable conditions. Five years after graduating from school, you are still roaming about looking for a job, blaming the government for lack of jobs when you can create a job for yourself, take action. Moses cried to God by the red sea and God ask Moses what is in your hand? Elijah asked the widow woman what do you have in the house? It is what you have at hand that God will use to establish your breakthrough so decide once and for all. Start that business, choose that life partner, take that risk, decide today!

3. KEEP POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS: To enjoy natural speed you must have positive association; Family, Friends and Faith. People who stick to you in the moment of strength, weakness, when you are failing and when you are succeeding, the stick to you encouraging you to be the best in life. Some family members are full of envy, stay away from such people including friends that are pulling you down behind your back. It is not every one that can handle your success, so hang around rich people, have them as your mentor and sit under them to learn. Negative association can deflate your enthusiasm for success.

4. ENCOURAGING ENVIRONMENT: To experience speed naturally, stay in an encouraging environment where the “Kill them syndrome” and negative governmental policy are minimize. Environment where people appreciate and encourage others who are doing better than them. Environment where we are all hungry to succeed without stepping on others toes. There are environment that will kill your business ideas while others will enhance the actualization of your idea.
Now, these are natural factors that facilitate human speed in actualizing his/her dreams, irrespective if you are a pastor, government personnel, student etc, naturally these factors play an important role in our lives. In our next post we shall dive into Spiritual factors that guarantee Prophetic Speed, how you can position yourself to outrun natural factors that may try to slow you down.

I pray for you by the power in the name of Jesus that the time and years you have wasted are restored to you in the name of Jesus, by the power of prophetic auction I prophesy speed to overtake those that have gone ahead of you in Jesus name, speed in your academics, speed in your marriage, speed in your business, even in your health, receive it in the name of Jesus – Amen.

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