Racheal Salisu is dedicated to creating high quality epicene scents with Real & Davis Brand

There is something very evocative about the world of perfumery, taking its inspiration from nature and creating a scent that makes the wearer experience a particular sense of wellbeing and confidence. Pleasures Magazine now has another African perfumer to celebrate, Racheal Salisu, founder of Real and Davis in Dubai, who is creating something really special and unique to Africa and the rest of the world.

Her background lies in business management, which she studied at the University of Jos Plateau state Nigeria. To further communicate her work, she began experimenting with the sense of smell as an added medium. Inspired by her elder sister who was a perfume collector, Racheal set out to capture, by way of scent.
“She had over 30 bottles of different perfumes in her closet and I usually sneaked into her room to spray some of her perfumes and that breeds my love for perfumes”, she said in a recent interview with Pleasures Magazine.

Then Racheal decided to invest into her passion of perfumery after she moved to Dubai. For this perfumer, it was not that difficult to set-up because she was already into cosmetics business and that made it easier to diversify into perfumery.

Real and Davis brand is a small batch perfumery company, dedicated to creating high quality epicene scents, following a strict production process utilising fragrance Ruby Oud which combines elegant floral scents with luscious notes of oud. Impress fragrance, also for women, is an elegant scent with the captivating, floral tones of Lavender.

Each scent is developed personally by myself. All the products are produced in amethyst bottles and each vintage is specified. Each scent is created with deep love, commitment and intrigue to the story, the natural essences, and the history each wearer writes for herself.

In addition, Racheal also co-developed two fragrances for men, Topaz Oud and Loyalty. Topaz Oud contains bold notes of oud bringing out the charm and allure of the modern man, while Loyalty is a perfect blend of the complex aromas of the deep blue sea with a hint of French flower.

For more details, visit website www.realdavisperfumes.com
Instagram: @real_davisfragrance

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