RAHMA INDIMI: A Heart That Continues To Beat For The Less Privileged

The Yakolo Indimi Foundation under the leadership of Hajia Rahma Indimi has continued to blossom through every obstacle the organisation has encountered. Unlike many, the COVID-19 global pandemic has not stopped this philanthropist who has refused to back down from the social good that she set out to accomplish through the Yakolo Indimi Foundation.

After her May/June 2019 feature in PLEASURES MAGAZINE, she reckons that the global exposure garnered has made raising funds for the foundation’s projects much easier and better access to even more resources to reach out to the disadvantaged in society.

Rahma Indimi – Founder, Yakolo Indimi Foundation

‘’This led to carrying out greater projects which earned her global recognition and a United Nations award that has put her in the map of global philanthropy. The foundation also experienced a spike in donations that gave rise to a post-Ramadan feeding project that catered for the feeding needs of 1000 persons throughout the period,’’ she said.

Rahma Indimi through the Yakolo Indimi Foundation has worked tirelessly to sensitize Nigerians in rural communities who were oblivious of the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, were increasingly violating all laid down guidelines by the National Centre for Disease Control.

‘’The foundation went a step further to ensure the safety of these individuals by providing face masks and hand sanitizers for their protection.
“I can’t personally be involved, that is what is really upsetting me” these were her words when she was asked what her major challenges with achieving her goals for the Yakolo Indimi Foundation, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This speaks of a heart that yearns to directly reach out to the people who she has committed to serve through the foundation’s project. This has led her to creating a new structure that involves her reaching out to clerics who in turn help with the distribution of items to the disadvantaged in their religious communities.

These may be uncertain times, and many focus simply on their survival, but there remain a few whose satisfaction comes from ensuring that others are catered for and Rahma Indimi; the heart that beats for the less privileged in society is one of them. She continues to dream and plan to raise funds ahead post-COVID-19 era that will enable the foundation reach out to people in business who need capital to fund their businesses.

When you hear the name Rahma Indimi, your first thought as a Nigerian or African maybe oh “The billionaire’s daughter” but through the Yakolo Indimi Foundation, she has shown the world that she is much more and the privilege she has received is to make the lives of the less privileged better. Like John Rockefeller Jr. said “Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity an obligation; every possession, a duty,” Rahma Indimi has stayed true to this duty and continues to deeply appreciate her father for his unrelenting support, while her heart for humanity transcends all stereotypes and limitations.

Connect with the foundation on Instagram: @yakoloindimifoundation.
Visit www. yakoloindimifoundation.com

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