Sin is a reality with which we all must live. No one can escape the struggles we have with rebelling against God’s call on our lives (Romans 3:10-23). However, it is possible to choose whether one will vigorously fight the battle that wages against the flesh or not. The battle can be overwhelming, but it does not have to result in demoralizing defeat.
One, among many, devastating strategies of Satan, which is fed by our own shame, is to fight, or rather retreat, in silence. From the very beginning, sin resulted in hiding and shame as Adam and Eve hid from one another by covering themselves (Genesis 3:7) and from the presence of the Lord in the garden by crouching among the trees (Genesis 3:8). A similar type of “hiding” is also evidenced in the refusal to own the sin when confronted. What did Adam and Eve do when confronted? They started the blame-shift game in order to direct the attention of the Lord away from self. They do not want to be “seen” in their sin so they justify it. The belief seems to be that, if the eyes of the Lord shift to the other and away from themselves, they can remain hidden. In either case the sin is avoided, hidden away, and not dealt with in an honest manner. Our natural tendency is to not deal with sin. Out of sight… out of mind… or is it?

Rev Ernest Adeti

The beauty of the cross is that we are clearly judged to be “sinners” but given a new identity as “redeemed,” “children of God,” and “joint heirs with Jesus Christ.” We do not have to hide our sin or justify it because Jesus has paid the penalty for us, bringing us undeserved forgiveness; unmerited favour. He “hides our sin” as far as the east is from the west, and he justifies us by his shed blood. However, until we reach heaven, we, the “redeemed,” wrestle with the realities of that old flesh (Romans 7). It does no good to be pretentious about our sin. It is useless to pretend that we are better than we are. I would rarely advocate “wearing” our sin “on our sleeve,” but it is futile to deny it or pretend it does not exist.
A good example of the futility of denying the reality of sin in our lives is King David in 2 Samuel 11, Psalms 32, and Psalms 51. In these passages, we find:
Let’s look at each of these passages more closely to see if there is any help found in King David’s experience.14567502_1228390307191479_8945074778787038389_o2 Samuel 11-12
In 2 Samuel 11, King David hides his sin so that it is not exposed. It is clear that a major point of this story is that hiding sins leads simply to more sin. He executes two plans, which involve even more sin, to keep his sin hidden:
Plan #1: King David brings Uriah home to give him a report on the war. He throws him a party, gets him drunk, and hopes that he will have intercourse with Bathsheba, offering a cover-up for her pregnancy. The lies, manipulation, and impact on the armed forces who remain in battle without one of their leaders is obvious. Plan fails.14566347_1228388810524962_7440980111744633700_o
Plan #2: King David puts Uriah on the front line so that he will be killed in the intensity of battle. The disregard for human life in order to keep his sin hidden is again obvious. Plan succeeds.
It is important to note the plans King David is willing to pursue in order to keep his sin from being exposed. It takes all of his energies, and the one sin multiplies itself into more sin. If it were not exposed by Nathan, the multiplying of sin might continue on for years.
Psalm 32
Note that at any given time sin confronts you, God holy spirit is around to help you escape so don’t reject His advice as you don’t know His time for you on earth so as to save your soul from perpetual condemnation.14556793_1228389790524864_5587609473707572674_o

Brethren, three (3) things befall man when he commits sin. The issue of lost, lack and limitation came in. We read in Romans 2:23 that man lost the glory of God because man sinned. Initially man had glory, honour, favour, mercy, blessing and righteousness but man lost all and man lacked everything. Man becomes limited in life. Man faces rejections, disappointments, disgrace, hardship, sickness, pain and even cursed because our forefathers sinned and our generation pay the hard price if man does not plead for the blood of Jesus Christ.
The good News is that God sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay for all our sins. So we are bought back by the blood of Jesus so sin has no power over us. Ephesians 2:13 but now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. We covenant with God through Jesus Christ as soon as we eat the flesh and drink His blood. We are more than a conqueror!14556561_1228389497191560_5650874996120980406_o

I pray that as we continue to go to the Altar of God with our sacrifice, and plead for the blood of Jesus and also eat His body and drink His blood, YOU will never lack!
YOU will not become LIMITED in life!!!
YOU are restored!!!
YOU are connected to God so YOU will be fruitful in every area of your life in Jesus name!!!
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