Running Life’s Race With A Purpose by Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Female Runner in London
Female Runner in London

I have heard this said several times that, “life is not a race”. Well, I stand to differ. To achieve something in life, one must learn to pursue that very thing. You can never achieve great success in life by standing idle and expect that thing to run to you.

Success and failure have no legs or wings to fly towards our directions. This means that we must get out of our comfort zone to run after the things we want or need so badly in life.

Have you ever seen an athlete who won a medal by walking onto a track and standing aloof whiles others run to cross the finishing line? No. He or she gets ready mentally and physically to compete with other competitors or potential medalists in order to run pass the finishing line. He or she runs with a definite purpose to achieve a medal.

Time and Tide wait for no man so don’t wait for perfect conditions
“Time and Tide wait for no man”. Nothing in life waits for anybody. Things are moving very fast in the age we live and until we change our attitude to life, we will never run with a purpose. To achieve or run the race of life, you must have a purpose or a goal in mind to attain. Most often, we hear people say that, life is not a race and I wonder why they say that anyway. I am pretty sure that, death too is not a race either. However, if we have the mindset that life is not a race, we then push ourselves in to laziness and allow procrastination to grip us like a disease.
Failing to run the race of life with a purpose, only prevent you from running or pursuing your dream without effort, motivation and desires to succeed. This will mean that, you will never achieve your goals. Sometimes in life, those who don’t achieve their dream or goals are those who find it hard to work on themselves and lack self motivation to chase their dreams. This therefore makes it harder for them to appreciate the dream and goals they have in order to pursue them.

Time-running out

They allow low self-esteem, fear, worries and anxiety to rob them from running their own race of life. Running the race of life with a purpose gives you some good motivation, inspiration and a sense of hope about how you feel about your progress towards various goals in life. Whatever you have set for yourself to achieve in this life, it is possible to achieve only if you can change your mindset and attitude about it. I will encourage you to see everything in life as a race that must be run in order to obtain them. When you do that, you are able to discover your own pace, energy, time and purpose to run with your goals in life.

Once life begins, race of purpose has begun. You can start yours slowly depending on the race (purpose) you are pursuing. You never allow other people to push you off your track of goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. Doing this will propel you to build up your own energy to chase your dream and enjoy your own success.
As you continue to run your race of life to achieve the goals; you develop the internal motivation faster towards your own targets. Success is the finishing line we set out for ourselves to cross. You are destined to win your own race in life. Remain focused, determined, hardworking and hopeful to reach the finish line with your dreams.

Don’t give up on yourself. Regardless of the challenges of life you face or that come against you, remember that your internal force is greater than every external force that may want to distract your attention, focus and hope of succeeding in life. You are born to win every race you have set before you. Stand up to stand out by running life’s race with a purpose.

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