Sartorial collection by Grafix Couture

Grafix Couture established in 2000 by Kelechi Emeh, is a Nigerian Fashion House based in Lagos Nigeria.

Over the years we have built a distinctive brand that cuts across ethnic and cultural boundaries. Curating pieces which infuse tribal and medieval fashion to create modern contemporary pieces. Our Aesthetic craftsmanship born of a delicate creative and technical intuition, with an impeccable eye for detail and profound knowledge in garment construction and science.

Our sartorial pieces appeal to that man who is yearning for something extra. He wants to express his artistic sense of style. He is de-tribalized, bored with the norm. Yet he is not taking away his maturity. He wants pieces that tell a story, that inspire perceptions. Which nullifies the boundaries between edgy and conservative. Cuts across age, tribe, religion or race. He wants to live, experience and be individualistic.

We presented the first pieces from Our 2020 collection at the African Fashion Week Nigeria. The Sartorial collection which was inspired from medieval Egyptian, Jewish, Hebrews, Greek, Arab and African fashion artistically curated and infused, features Harem pants, fisherman pants, kimonos, wrappers, Toga, Shawl, head turbans fringes, tassels, embroideries, velvet, crepe, luxury jacquard, and collected Aso-Oke fabrics from the 70s. ( a fabric woven in the western region of Nigeria )

Over the years the brand boast clientele made up of High End Nigerian Business men, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Politicians, celebrities, upper middle class and also services clients abroad. In the US, UK and Dubai especially. And records a high rate of return customers who find utility in our tailoring services.

Meet the Man, his craft and his Genius. There is indeed an art and science to developing the silhouette of a garment.

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+234 8162528482
+234 9025517090
Instagram: @grafixcouturebespoke

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