She Sources, Processes And Exports! Meet Joana Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan , Ghana’s Queen Of Gold

She’s one of the Pleasures Magazine’s 50 African Women Entrepreneurs to watch out for on the global stage. Joana is an Artisanal Miner, Licensed Gold Miner, Licensed Gold Seller, Licenses Gold Buyer, Licensed Gold Exporter, Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Business Executive.

CEO and Founder of GOLDEN EMPIRE LEGACY LIMITED and many other companies registered and added to her credit as an Entrepreneur. A fast growing private business within the annals of Ghana and across the globe. Miss Joana Gyan is known widely in the public space for her benevolence to the orphanages.
The making of a 21st century business titan from the dark continent of Africa comes at no meager cost.
A doppelganger of the woman of steel forged, from the furnace of life’s adversities; her adornment is her street credibility. She is the embodiment of the hearts of a hundred mighty men.
A charismatic visionary and advocate of the downtrodden. Been to hell’s gate and back, she radiates silhouettes of wisdom, bravery and class.

Joana Gyan is a young business mogul who made her indelible mark among the Ghana business elite by being the first and only woman to carve her niche and take stranglehold of gold territories in an industry totally colonized by men.
She fought through the ranks of the mining sector, gained grounds and consolidated her gold business empire (Golden Empire Legacy LTD) as a household name in Ghana, buying gold from local miners and exporting of gold internationally.
Today Golden Empire Legacy Ltd is the biggest gold agent in Ghana; sourcing gold from local miners and exporting Globally.

We present to you Joana Gyan, a licensed buyer and exporter of gold and the Founder and CEO of Global Empire Legacy Holdings.
Joana Gyan is also a business executive and owner of over 15 companies including;
* Golden Empire Legacy Ltd
* GEM multimedia Ghana ltd
* Colossus Minerals Ltd
* Joana TV Ltd
* The GEM rhythms Ltd
* The GEM pub Ltd
* KESSE music Ltd
* GELL Golden page Ltd
* GELL farms Ltd
* GELL Petroleum Ltd
* GELL real estate Ltd
* KBA mining Ltd
* Joana Gyan foundation
* GELL Timber Ltd
* ZEMA Ghana jewelry and fashion school Ltd
* Royalsekt Ghana Limited

Her influence has eaten voraciously into other sectors such as entertainment (GEM MULTIMEDIA), fashion, education and trade.
Her benevolence and love for humanity has earned her the tag of one of the most charitable philanthropists in Ghana. This feat is evident in the activities of the Joana Gyan foundation; an NGO dedicated to upgrading the abysmal welfare statuses of mining communities in Ghana.
As an astute motivational speaker, her followers keep expanding into a mighty horde, ready to propagate her philosophy of success and establish her legacy…

In a recent interview with Pleasures Magazine, she said “I just wanted to offer pure gold at the best available prices by buying from my country’s local miners and export it to buyers globally. I also wanted to keep business honest and transparent… bait-and-switch tactics, no up-selling to higher-margin limited edition collectibles.”
The hushed dawn of the 7th May mid-80s was unsettled by the cries of labour emanating from Dunkwa community hospital located along the dusty plains of Dunkwa-offin in Denkyira central region Ghana.

Agnes Nyarko a young beautiful trader and farmer was 9 months heavy with the seed of Ambrose Kojo Gyan, a COCOBOD contractor, teacher and farmer from the royal family of Juabeng Ashanti region. Agnes was the fifth wife of Ambrose who due to numerous long travels had formed an enormous polygamous family.
The ambiance of the Dunkwa hospital was inundated with the motherly wails of Agnes stimulated by contractions.
This will be the second time she will be ejecting life through her thighs; an event she would partake in three more times, cumulating in five offspring.

Ambrose, a major contributor to the present state of Agnes wasn’t left out of the physical and mental turbulence as his body found no rest, pacing haphazardly in the local hospital.
After a labour period that lasted all night, Agnes’s toil was met with the ultimate reward; the first cry of Joana Gyan who would later be called as Nana Awoo, named after a prominent philanthropist in Dunkwa-offin.

Being the 19th child of a former COCOBOD contractor who had lost all he worked for due to military victimization, poor financial habits and an oversized nuclear family; Joana came out without the silver spoon and so the early harsh realities of life became acquaintances.
Christened after three months in a silent traditional naming ceremony with the names; Joana Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan, the name Maa-Adjoa originating from her maternal side while Nana Awoo was given from her paternal side.
The name Nana Awoo will later take preeminence due to her selfless and hardworking personality. Soon Joana was enrolled into her first school; school of life and her first class being the class of survival.
The Gyan family were constantly on the move shuttling Dunkwa-offin and Wassa Agona Amenfi. The latter is where Joana started her formal education at Wassa Agona Methodist basic school, age 3 years.
At age 5 years, Joana started farming with her mother while in school. She became known at that tender age for being very helpful even at her own expense; carrying goods and heavy loads for elderly women from the farm to their houses miles away.

It was in this period that Joana will be affectionately and unanimously called Nana Awoo by the elderly people in the Dunkwa community.
Born a Taurus with the impulse for leadership, Joana always wanted to sacrifice her wellbeing, pleasure and liberty for her family. At age 8 years, Joana took the travail to a new level; she started illegal mining popularly called “galamsey”.

Oblivious of the health and environmental dangers posed by her new path, she ironically went deep into the mud just to survive.
There was never a standstill in time and Joana grew in age and hence advanced in class. Joana attended Denkyira Asikuma catholic school (junior secondary).
She advanced to Dunkwa technical secondary school where her second cycle education was truncated in form two mainly due to financial lack and the inability of Joana to combine studies with menial jobs.

The pressure eventually took its toll on Joana and in 1999 she left the classroom and headed for Accra in her school uniform unsupervised.
Alone in Accra, she wandered until eventide. Weary and hungry, she found solace in the uncompleted action chapel located on the spintex road. After countless nights at the uncompleted cathedral, she joined some friends from Wassa Agona Amenfi who had decent accommodation in Achimota a suburb of Accra.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, as time flew, so did Joana’s knowledge and experience of the city increase. She left Achimota to Legon Westland where she started her first business; operating a small phone booth popularly called “space to space”. After a while, she met a customer on the job who took her to airport residential area where she worked as a maid.
Hungry for success as she was, she became discontented with exalted life of penury which was becoming her adornment at airport residential area.
Once again Nana Awoo was on the move, back on the streets where the harsh realities of life has no sugar coating. She was taken in by Daavi, a poor woman who had only male children and lived in Ajiringanor which was a construction site.

Daavi took Joana so affectionately that soon it was believed around Ajiringanor that Joana was Daavi’s only daughter. Through Daavi she got a job as a labourer in the trasacco estates then under construction.
It must be noted that even though Joana wasn’t born financially privileged, her extended family members were people of noble heritage as Joana herself is from a royal lineage in the Ashanti region of Ghana.
So as she was sojourning the streets, she was declared missing by her family. Words had reached her family of her whereabouts.
An envoy from the family reclaimed her from Daavi’s possession to a family member in Accra which was comfortable financially.

Once again Joana became disgruntled with life in the custody of an extended family member as she was only used for house chores, for the second time in her young life, she would escape from the guardianship of family never to return.

In the first quarter of the year 2010, Tyrone Jarvis a man from Bristol city (UK) came down to Ghana for business only to be duped by miscreants.
Dismayed and disappointed he made preparations to return to the UK then by a twist of fate, he met Joana Gyan through a third party.
The old British business mogul fell in love with the unsophisticated Nana Awoo and asked her to marry him. She agreed and the two entered a sanctimonious matrimony which would transform Joana wholly.
Tyrone saw her past toil in the galamsey fields as an advantage and motivation to delve into the mining industry legally. Under Joana’s first business “Jay Golden” they acquired gold sites and with Joana’s knowledge of the terrain, they explored new and uncharted territories.

Joana’s life was on cruise control as the couple improved in almost all spheres of life and it was as if the fallacious phrase “happy ever after” was fast becoming a reality. Then fate added another twist to Joana’s titillating story; in the third quarter of the year 2012 (2nd July), Tyrone Jarvis died of diabetes.
Alone once again and against all the odds for Joana to hold together whatever vestiges was left of her union with Tyrone Jarvis. She solicited for funds to uphold her dream of owning a business empire.
She was fighting on all fronts as she epitomized the phrase “down but not out”
Fortune they say favours the strong and relentless and so it was on the umpteenth time of knocking on the door of success, the answers came pouring in investors from Europe had fallen in love with the vision of the simple lady from Juabeng Ashanti region.
They were ready to fund in for the creation of the biggest solid mineral yet in West Africa… Golden Empire Legacy LTD (GELL).

As it stands today, Joana Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan the poor unsophisticated girl who ran away from the scourge of paucity in Dunkwa is now adorned with accolades and professional titles such as; Artisanal miner (one of the best in the country), licensed gold miner, licensed gold seller, licensed gold exporter, estate developer, business class woman, business executive, talent developer and motivational speaker.
All these achievements are at a youthful age of 34 and she isn’t resting on her laurels, striving to attain more.
Her intelligence, caring attitude and interesting personality has seen her dine with the high and mighty, cruise on the corridors of power and impact lives in dimensions unfathomable.
It is a famous cliché that ” it is during turbulent times you know your friends”. The perilous times that came Joana’s way did not only show Joana her true friends, but also gave her a diehard army and an unwavering support from individuals she least expected.

Through the years, there are names that have become synonymous with the Joana struggle; Mesach Donkor (Director GELL), this is one man who stood on his grounds day and night, going through the nooks and cranny just for the dream of Joana to stand and abound.
All through those turbulent times, Mr Mesach never turned his back on Joana, he was always at her beck and call rendering his effortless financial support and ideas.
Another great person who also emerged as a supportive tentacle in the Joana struggle era was Albert Fiagah (Manager GELL), He also stood on his grounds pushing things to get better for both the dream carrier and also the great woman Joana.
Albert was always there to support Joana whether rain or shine, whether abased or abounding times, Albert never gave up on that dream Joana carried.
These two men form an unreplaceable components of the GELL arsenal today as we see.
Another unsung hero; Emmanuel Dadzie, an underdog who pushes for the wellbeing and also responsible for the maintenance of the public perception about the GELL vision.
Emmanuel has always been consistent in the sharing of the vision and dreams GELL to get to a pinnacle where nothing can bring it down.
It is in the struggles that Joana Nana Awoo Gyan and the trio came out with the GELL slogan ‘Together we can Succeed’ In the midst of all the challenges and problems and the turbulent and perilous times that beckoned on us, we stood firm and said everything is achievable, and here we are today.
Joana Nana Awoo Gyan’s dreams keeps on elating each day. In all Consistency, Persistency, Determination and Diligence have been our core mandates all these years.
Her scintillating life has been guided by this mantra among a few; “I don’t have a diary, I take each day as it comes”.

From the Company: Golden Empire Legacy Limited, Ghana’s Trusted Gold Dealer
Golden Empire Legacy Limited is a limited liability company which was incorporated in Ghana and commenced business operations in January 2016.
The company is responsible for sourcing gold from artisanal miners in Ghana and exports to buyers globally.
The headquarters and the logistics center of Golden Empire Legacy Limited is located in Accra, Ghana. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. One of the major aims of the Golden Empire Legacy Limited is to contribute to the development of the Precious Minerals sector in Ghana with respect of Laws and International transparency.
All Golden Empire Legacy Limited employees contribute, through their actions, to the image of the company’s partners and clients all over the world. Golden Empire Legacy Limited believe that maintaining a strong reputation is greatly influenced by the reliable and trustworthy work of all our employees.
Our mission is to serve our clients in uniformity and direction, entailing strong, transparent communication processes (to best serve our customers and our ideals on dealing with colleagues and partners).

Golden Empire Legacy Limited offers the attractive option for consumers to purchase pure gold, as well as gold merchandising.
We are proud of the independence that Golden Empire Legacy Limited offers consumers to own, manage and control their personal purchases.
The company’s goal is to provide the very best in customer service for their clients, and to provide opportunities for all people across the globe to own gold at an affordable price.
As a company, we take responsibility for the delivery of our gold.

Sustainable development is a particular concern of ours – economic action, social responsibility and environmental awareness are therefore guiding principles of our company.
In order to achieve long-term success, we must secure our presence as an independent group of companies.

We are committed to supply gold that is “responsible”,”conflict-free” ‘Responsible Gold’ is gold which followed the ‘Chain of Custody’ requirements consistent with the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas.

All Gold products that we trade in are ‘Responsible Gold’ and ‘Conflict-Free Gold’ as all our products are sourced from legalized miners who comply with all guidance according to the law of the Republic of Ghana.

Our ethics are well established and we maintain strict confidentiality when transacting with our impressive buyers and clients in the area of gold export. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the most pleasant buying and exporting experience possible.

Golden Empire Legacy Limited is located within walking distance of the A&C Mall and near Max International, 24 Garden Road, Adjacent Ideg, House number 14, East legon Accra Ghana. . Our ethics are well established and we maintain strict confidentiality when transacting with our impressive buyers and clients.
To get in touch, visit our website /or email us call us on +233 (0) 30 397 0268.
Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you and providing you with the most pleasant Gold buying and export experience possible.

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