She was expecting to Dig Up 5-year-old Time Capsule but Dug up Marriage Proposal Instead | WATCH

A 24-year-old Canadian woman, Jennifer Storrar and her boyfriend, Troy Reddington, 25 were on a trip to an Island where they had buried notes about their future goals and old photos to dig up the 5-year-old capsule, but Storrar never knew that Reddington had perfectly planned the trip to pop the question!

She dug up the time capsule, only to find out that it contained a proposal.

According to Inside Edition, Reddington said he got the idea for the proposal during one of their annual camping trips. He decided that he would dig up their original time capsule, and replace it with a new one that contained a ring for her to find.

“I wanted to do something sentimental to us. Something we’ve already done together, and something that is very personal to us,” he said.

Reddington decided to ask her to marry him in November 2015, but had to wait till summer of 2016 to carry out his plan.

“I couldn’t get across the lake. I couldn’t do anything with it in the wintertime,” he said.

He said in May, he woke up in the middle of the night, drove for three hours and paddled his way in a Kayak to the island where they had buried the time capsule.

He eventually found a spot that was approximately where they buried their old time capsule by sunrise, and he buried his proposal contained in an emptied out peanut butter jar.

Few days later, they set out for the trip. Reddington had already asked Storrar to record the journey which was posted on Youtube.

In the video, as she opened the jar to reveal the ring and proposal, Reddington dropped to one knee and said: “Will you marry me?”

“I could not believe him,” Storrar told Inside Edition. “He went on such a trek to do this.”

“I managed to get the words out. (Her reaction was) definitely a staple in my mind for life,” Reddington said.

Unfortunately, they could not find the original time capsule.

Watch the proposal:

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