Shocking: How Primate Ayodele Predicted Buhari/Tinubu Fight + Other Scary Prophecies

When recently during one of its Sunday services, the mother of little Master Yusuf (surname withheld) stood before a large congregation at the INRI Evangelical Church, Lagos, to testify that God restored her son’s voice four years after being tone deaf, it sounded incredible. The happy mother claimed that Yusuf had been unable to speak for four years following ‘a brief illness’ which she believed God used Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, founder and spiritual leader of INRI, to heal permanently.

“I am proud of this church, I thank the God of Ayodele who has brought back my son’s voice after four years of stress and moving around churches and hospitals without a solution. I can now shut Hallelujah”, Yusuf’s mother stated amidst praises to God.

Still, in a less dramatic but no less amazing circumstance, a man in his 50s who attended one of Ayodele’s prayer crusades for the second time said he was healed of Asthma and Diabetes that have been with him for over 18 years.

These and more are the hallmark of Ayodele who belongs in the category of Nigerian men of God that are blessed with powers to heal, perform miracles, teach and prophesy. Besides, Ayodele has impacted on the lives of millions of Nigerians with his weekly, monthly and annual special programmes for the needy. The yearly edition which coincides with his birthday usually sees people flocking in from as far as Kaduna, Benue, Ilorin, Ibadan, Lagos and Port Harcourt as well as from abroad.

To what creates church growth and encouraging souls to know God; empowerment, Primate Ayodele has done and still doing so much in this regard.

His common cliché on charity is found in Mark 4:26-29; “Once the farmer plants the seed, it grows by itself. Although fruit comes through the miracle created within the seed, the farmer has to work hard to prepare the ground for productivity.” So, it is with empowering the people that Ayodele believes pastor plants, waters and waits on God to increase.

During this year’s annual October Thanksgiving, Primate Ayodele said that; “we appreciated some members of our ministry with landed properties worth millions of Naira and this gesture included the youths in the church. Also, we appreciated some of our pastors for excellent performances in growing the ministry and spreading the Gospel. We also remembered the widows and other less privileged that were blessed with cash sums and various gifts.

There were also the indigent secondary school students who got a bursary. We gave them books and uniforms and cash. Our God is God of restoration, and of prosperity. We remember Christians regularly by giving cash to support their businesses. Also, during Muslim festivals like Ramadan and Eid el Kabir, we give out rams and money in support and we sponsor them to Hajj while Christians are sponsored to Jerusalem. Nobody that does the will of God would lack anything.”

The new INRI Prophetic Healing Network has started an interreligious prayer assembly tagged ‘Prayer Partners.’ According to Ayodele during an interview, the programme which is holding every Saturday at Watercress Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, is an assemblage of people from all walks of life irrespective of faith. “It’s also for those experiencing a financial crisis, health challenges, and unknown curse? God of Elijah will sort them out. There will be healing and deliverance session. It has nothing to do with religion.”

The man of God then asked that the Nigerian government should declare a three days fasting and prayers for peace to reign in the country. Also, he urged Nigerians to fast and pray between Dec. 31st 2016 and January 14, 2017, so as to rededicate Nigeria to God.”

Listed here are some of his recent predictions some of which have come to pass.

Primate Ayodele

“The following personalities should pray for good health. The Awujale of Ijebuland, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Chief Bisi Akande, Jeremiah Useni, Maryam Abacha, Katsina State Governor: Masari, Fati Abubakar, Ernest Shonekan, Aloma Mukhtar, Obong of Calabar and Adamu Ciroma, Maitama Sule, Sule Lamido, Sunny Kuku, Shagari, Ekwueme and Attah of Igala should pray for good health, and divine backings and protection.

“The Alaafin of Oyo should pray for good health and rebuke division among his chiefs. In 2015, God showed me that APC will have serious challenges and I announced it to the nation. We warned about Buhari and Tinubu fight. And if not handled with care, it may break APC finally. We said that Skye Bank would have problems. Now, the Emir of Kano must pray for God’s protection, pray not to be bereaved, rubbished and should watch properly.

“The Emir of Ilorin should pray against multiple crises. Peter Odili should pray for sound health. Jim Ovia should pray for success as he will begin a project all over Africa. He should also pray against attacks and for God’s divine protection. Buhari must not sell the national assets; the decision will crash his government. Buhari will embarrass Jonathan. I see Nigeria going back to regional government. I see the death of a judgement. In sports, Amaju Pinnick, Dalung Solomon will weaken the future of Nigerian Football. Mikel Obi will have problems in Chelsea FC and suffer unexpected injury. Buhari should change his economic team, otherwise, he won’t get things right.

“He will lose money and should pray against litigation. Victor Moses will undergo surgery. Kelechi Iheanacho will quarrel with his manager; promoter and he may have issues in featuring in major matches. FIFA will lose a top member. I see CAF President undergoing surgery.

“The foreign coach that was hired will not add value to Nigerian football. I foresee that Ogunjobi and Fanny Amun will turn the fortune of Nigerians football positively if they are given the chances. Serena Williams will lose a major competition narrowly. Tiger Woods will fail to win an important competition in the coming year. I foresee that robbery attack will be rampant on our highways and also kidnappings. Police will have challenges in dealing with some cases which will involve some personalities.

“I foresee that the Inspector General of Police will face serious challenges as from 2017 and there will be some forces in the system that will be plotting against him. I foresee that there will be cyber fraud. I see that the Head of Nigeria Interpol will be changed. Some Commissioners of Police will be redeployed while some will go on compulsory retirement. Some Police Deputy Inspector-General of Police will be removed. The Chief of Defence Staff will face challenges.

“I foresee that there will be a plot against the Chief of Army Staff. The navy will intercept sea pirates and also the Nigerian Airforce should pray so that none of their warplanes will crash. The Navy should pray against explosions in their dock yard. The Police and soldiers will clash at the waterfront. Police may go on strike. The police pensioners will protest because of debt. The Police Service Commission will be exposed of shady deals. Our security personnel will ask for allowances and increment in their salaries. The Police and Army will fight. The Head of the Vehicle Inspection Officers in Lagos may be changed. Some DSS personnel will run into crisis. Some Police will face litigation. DSS will cause misinformation on national issues. Some army officers will face court martial because of their irregularities. I foresee the death of a senior Police officer.

“The Army, Navy, and Nigerian Airforce should pray not to lose some of their personnel. Some Federal Permanent Secretaries will be relieved of their duties. Senator Godswill Akpabio must be careful not to lose political relevance in his home state. He should be careful not to play politics that will cause a problem between him and the present governor. God told me that APC will win Edo governorship and I said it in media interviews in August. The Federal Government of Nigeria will borrow money. The Spirit of God says more states will borrow money.

“These states: Plateau, Kaduna, Benue, Jos, Jigawa and Adamawa States should pray against bomb explosions and killings. Let us pray to rebuke bloodbath in Nigeria. I see Abubakar Atiku trying to take over PDP but it will collapse his political machinery. I see PDP is coming back stronger. Bukola Saraki will shock Nigeria. Let’s watch it. I see PDP retaining the Ondo governorship if APC is not careful. Hillary Clinton will win but she must not underrate Trump and she must re-strategize. I see the Naira changing colour and texture. Herdsmen will attack some neighbouring states in

“I see the Naira changing colour and texture. Herdsmen will attack some neighbouring states in the south- south and south-east. Let us pray against flood, political troubles and unexpected killings among the politicians. President Buhari will be misled. I foresee famine in Nigeria. The Nigerian Senate should rebuke death among themselves. The National Assembly must pray very well on this. The prices of food will be unstable which will affect staple foods. There are major steps the government will take but Buhari’s government will be unstable until 2018.

“There will be a problem for Atiku in his political steps. The only solution to our problem as the situation is now is either we go back to the Regional System of Government or the country should break. The International Community will go against Buhari, and his government will not be stable as from December 2017 to 2018; the instability will be beyond imagination. This situation will also affect the rich. I foresee that corruption will be detected in our security agencies, police, army, and even among the governors. Some political leaders will also be indicted. EFCC will work tirelessly in recovering looted funds. I foresee the Governor of Cross River State facing political challenges. The following states: Katsina, Ekiti, Kwara, Abia, Cross River, Jigawa, Adamawa, Osun,

“I foresee the Governor of Cross River State facing political challenges. The following states: Katsina, Ekiti, Kwara, Abia, Cross River, Jigawa, Adamawa, Osun, Oyo, and Kaduna will face a crisis. The Spirit of God says PDP will be divided because of misunderstanding. The Party needs spiritual cleansing. For it to come back, it must readjust the party logo and pray before choosing the President in 2019 otherwise 2019 will be more challenging for PDP. If they refuse to take precautionary measures this will bring cracks in APC because PDP is spiritually dislodged. I foresee that PDP & APC will still face challenges. APC will run into troubles towards the 2019 election.

“I foresee that people contesting for 2019 will be implicated. The Spirit of God says some governors will cut certain percentages of workers’ salaries which will give them sleepless nights. I foresee a boat capsizing. Some states in Nigeria will not function as expected because I foresee that no amount of bailout will help them. Because they will continue to borrow money and that is why the President must change his economic team otherwise the economy will still have a crisis that will have negative impacts on his government. This will cause problems. There will be a hike in the prices of building materials as it will not be stable. Nigeria will protest against Buhari’s government if he did not take a bold step. They will still be running up and down and that is why the President must hold a meeting with the Niger/Delta Avengers and the Biafra Agitators. I foresee that another deadly militant group will spring up. Boko Haram will regroup and invade the country; the government must not overlook this. There is a problem in the country, let us pray so that God can settle it because this government is confused.

“I see that some States House of Assembly Speakers like Adamawa, Cross River, Abia, Enugu and Imo states must pray to rebuke crisis and must be careful so as not to be removed. I foresee that a new party may emerge from the cracks of APC and PDP. I foresee crisis before and after the Edo State election. I foresee that a Controversial Bill will be passed by the National Assembly and new steps will be taken on 2017 budget. The National Assembly cannot be free of corruption; it can only be minimized but not totally eradicated. Let us pray against killings, waterborne diseases, and unexpected attacks. I warned the nation about the earthquake and natural disaster in the country. Let us pray more. I foresee flooding in some states in Nigeria. NURTW will witness crisis because there will be a leadership change.

“Let us pray so that our sea and land transportation system will not be attacked. Let us pray to rebuke sea pirates, boat capsizing and railway accident between November 2016 and March 2017. There will be an improvement in the railway system; prayers must be offered to rebuke train derailments. The Spirit of God says serious prayers should be offered to rebuke serious accidents and tanker explosions. The Navy should also pray so that their warship will not be attacked. The aviation sector should pray seriously to rebuke emergency landing at the airport. The security agent should work seriously around the airports so that plans to attack the airports can be averted. Overland Airline must rebuke crisis. FRSC will face trouble and challenges. The NLC will face rancor.

“The Niger Delta Development Commission will want to do amnesty for militants and they will create series of projects. Some State Commissioners will be pursued by the EFCC. Nigeria economy will be troubled as the Economic Team will be troubleshooting. The prices of food will be unstable as from October 2016. The economy will be unstable until they follow the right advice and do the right path to stabilise the economy. I foresee more damages in the economy. The right people should be put in the Economic Team. The Exchange rate of the American Dollar will still continue to fluctuate. If care is not taken, we will buy the dollar at between N500 and N600.

“The Spirit of God says. Rotimi Amaechi’s efforts may be troubled and frustrated. Despite Adebayo Shittu’s efforts, he should pray against people dragging him back. Kemi Adeosun will be blackmailed. Udo Udoma should pray so that the system will not frustrate him. Lai Mohammed will be throwing spanners within the cabinet. Issue cabinet change in Buhari’s government.

“Access, Fidelity and Keystone banks should pray against losses. The Central Bank of Nigeria should pray against fire outbreak. If Access, Fidelity, and GTBank are not careful, the Central Bank of Nigeria may take over the banks. Banks like Fidelity, Zenith, and Diamond bank will relieve some of their staff of their jobs. The Nigerian currency will be changed in the nearest future. I foresee that in less than 10years, there will be changes in the face of naira and the denominations may also be increased. Let us pray so that our major oil wells will not dry in the next nine years.

“Gas will be used to generate power in the country as the price of petrol will change. There will be a scarcity of petroleum products. The price of kerosene will be high and the product will also be scarce. Let us pray so that major gas pipeline will not explode and that gas truck will not crash at the same time. Some major oil pipelines will be destroyed. Shell workers will be redeployed. Some investors will leave Nigeria and some foreign investors will have problems except the government takes the right steps to handle the economic trouble. Buhari should listen before the whole thing turned upside down. NUPENG and PENGASSAN may go on strike. PPPRA may have problems and there will be several issues that will be coming up in this regard.

“The judges will be accused of so many things and the Judiciary workers should also pray not to lose any of the judges. Our health sector must work seriously on Ebola, Lassa fever, Cholera, Polio and malaria fever most especially in the Eastern parts of the country. I see troubles in the telecommunication sector. GLO will sack some of their staff and will purchase new facilities to extend their communication coverage. They will buy some communications companies in Africa. GLO will pay fine. MTN will sack some of their staff, face troubles and pay fines.

“Etisalat may face a tough time and must pray so that their mast will not be attacked. I foresee changes in the leadership of Airtel; the company must be careful of signing MoU with some companies. Airtel logo may be changed. The NCC will have a new arrangement on tariff and regulations for communication companies. Let the Ex-governors of these states pray for their health and seek God’s guidance. Lagos, Oyo, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Niger and Benue States.

“In Nollywood, Taiwo Hassan should be careful not to lose anybody close to him. I foresee that he will make money but he must pray fervently to rebuke misfortune. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma will be blessed but must pray not to start a project that will not go well; should also pray against attacks and litigation and must commit his band into the hands of God for unity. I foresee the death of a Juju and highlife musician. Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) will start a project that will not be successful.

“Laide Bakare should pray against scandal. Bukky Wright will start a very viable project that will not get a good result as expected and she should pray against attacks and accident.

“Oritz Wiliki should pray for his health and finances. Corruption will rock Buhari’s Aides and some of his Minsters. Buhari may not be able to fight corruption as expected and this will create some problems for him.

“More hidden secrets will be exposed and more money will be recovered. The generated electricity megawatts will drop in November and there will be electric power blackout in some states. I foresee that the government will get new plans to generate light. The Federal Ministry of Power will sign a memorandum of understanding with electricity companies outside the country.

“The Commission will face challenges and the effort of the chairman will not be appreciated. The commission will sign a bond of understanding. Magu will be under serious pressure.

“INEC must be careful so that they will not create troubles in our forthcoming general election. I foresee that there may be confusion in INEC and I foresee that some things will be changed in the voting arrangement of 2019.

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