Stunt gone wrong? Nollywood actor gets burnt on set

The actor was on location of the shooting of a movie when something went wrong

We have obtained photos and video from the set of a Nollywood movie that shows talented actor, Ani Iyoho get burnt and currently fighting for his life after a location tragedy on set of a movie being directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare.
We hear that the actor was severely burnt on the set of Behind the Wheels in Lekki, Lagos on Monday when a fire scene went horribly wrong.
Confusion ensued and despite efforts to use fire extinguishers to put the fire under control, the tragedy could not be averted.
A Nollywood insider tells us, ‘I think it’s a stunt to promote the new movie because Nigerian actors and directors are not so daring to set fire on themselves’.
Another source who was on set spoke to us saying, ‘the director, Stanlee Ohikhuare can be very eccentric. This shot should have been left out. We tried it first about three weeks ago and the fire did not light well’.
The injured actor was reportedly rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he has been placed under emergency care.
We tried to contact the director but he has not picked our calls, neither has he responded to our text message.

Ani Iyoho lying on an hospital bed

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