Taiwo and Devin’s Elegant Oceanside Wedding in Newport

Often there is a special place within the world that greatly reflects a place within our hearts, a place in which we share our time with the one we love. For Taiwo and Devin, that place would be underneath a particular weeping willow tree, by the Charles River Esplanade, in Back Bay, Boston. Many a summer and spring were spent there lounging in each others company, curled up on a blanket with a good book and a bottle of wine, or napping in a summer breeze. It was here, in this place within their hearts, that their love grew, and it was here that Devin would make their love eternal.
Bride & Groom: Taiwo & Devin
Wedding Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Photographed by: Kachi Eke

Seemingly a day like any other spent lounging under their favorite willow tree, Taiwo and Devon had decided to relax for an hour before meeting up with a friend for lunch. When an hour passed almost unnoticed Taiwo realized they were running late. Devin, uncharacteristically unconcerned, created excuses as to why they should remain longer. Not wanting to stand their friend up, Taiwo took the initiative to begin packing up their belongings, but before she had a chance Devin reached into his pocket to remove something while getting on one knee. As his actions clicked into place within her mind, Taiwo nearly “blacked out” in realization of what was about to occur. So caught up in the excitement of the moment she screamed “yes!” before he was even able to finish his speech.

For Taiwo, she knew Devon was the one when while friends were “over and we were all watching the Patriots game, I got up to get something from the kitchen and ended up dropping and breaking a glass. I had barely bent down to pick up the glass when Devin was right next to me asking if I were okay…it’s such a small thing but it just stayed in my mind (and heart) ever since!”
Taiwo and Devin’s elegant ocean side wedding in Newport, Rhode Island was a combination of classic western and traditional Nigerian ceremony. Taiwo was gorgeous in a Monique Lhuillier strapless, sweetheart corset, drop-waisted gown with a fully sculpted skirt, and completed with a cathedral veil. Her traditional Nigerian attire was a royal blue form-fitting dress with a high slit and paired with matching gele headpiece. Surrounded by family and friends, Devin, classically dashing, awaited his bride at the altar, where they were joined forever together as husband and wife.

Best Memories: Ahh! So many to pick from! As cliché as it is, reciting my vows to Devin and being surrounded by family and friends. It took me a couple of tries to get through them because I kept bawling through them (which if you knew me is such a surprise – but they were thug tears!). The weather was gorgeous, everyone was gorgeous and I just never felt so loved, warm and protected.
Advice for Engaged Couples: Honestly – do what you want and go with your gut! Also don’t break your back trying to be a “laid back bride” if you’re spending thousands of dollars on flowers or cutlery, make sure it’s what you want! Don’t be scared about being too “high maintenance” but be sure you have someone who will check you if you are becoming rude, petty or unreasonable.


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