The Classy And Effortless Style Of Ghanaian Fashion Blogger AFUA RIDA Is Every Girl’s Style Goals

Afua Rida is a Ghanaian fashion stylist, blogger, consultant, and runway show producer who is very passionate about fashion. Afua’s passion for fashion is a constant driving force for her and she says she fell in love with fashion growing up, by watching her mother’s fashion process. According to her mother’s style was always classy, yet effortless.

Her intrigue for fashion turned into curiosity and ultimately became a passion which has now become Afua’s life. Afua is not about having trendy pieces but has created a personal style for herself that is enviable. Her style is bold, effortless, elegant, high fashion and classy just like her mother’s. The lover of shoes says she can’t do without a baggy shirt that can be interchanged as a top or really short dress, shorts, black stripy heels, rings, burgundy lipstick and well-manicured nails and toes! Afua has truly mastered the art of fashion and the creativity needed to build a wow personal style. We totally love the way she incorporates African prints into her everyday look and how effortless her looks are.

A look at her elegant style..





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