The Fabric Hub and Ehi Ready to wear are two exceptional fashion brands founded by a woman who chose to show up in ways many young women wouldn’t. The Fabric Hub was birthed with a vision to create a one stop shop for all things fashion, from fabrics to fashion accessories, tailoring, and sewing equipment, the fabric hub sits in the heart of Abuja, ready to provide a solution for all your fashion needs. The Fabric Hub provides premium bespoke tailoring for men and retails best quality fabrics. The sister brand, Ehi Ready to Wear which consists of versatile designs for women, was conceived to help women show up with power, and to inspire confidence.

As a “fashion Entrepreneur” Patience EhiOdokorhas woven herself into the fabric of her brand and has formed a culture around providing solution in the fashion industry. The Fabric Hub started with a desire for enterprise in 2009 while in her final year at Leeds City University, and then with the little money she had, she was able to source some fabrics from Dubai through a friend who was visiting at the time. In no time, she was traveling herself to source best quality fabrics. This led to conversations with friends which opened her up to the discovery of the Youwin Platform, she sentin her application and won a grant to execute her business plan and build her business.

The Fabric Hub and Ehi Ready to Wearis Patience EhiOdoko Manifesting “her God given talent”, and sends a message of resilience and excellence which she learned from her mother and from her time working in the bank for three years. Her love for sourcing and sorting fabrics fuels her creativity in piecing together beautiful designs that are attractive to all who see them. Her Mentor, Udo Okonjo who she discovered through Instagram at a point when she was discovering herself, has been instrumental in shaping the woman she has become and by extension her fashion brands. She also admires and looks up to Mo Abudu and Oprah Winfrey because she loves what they represent.

”Fashion is an essential need of every human and while the covid-19 pandemic has caused an economic downturn, we now run a model that focuses on designing and producing multi-functional clothing that are durable and affordable.” For The Fabric Hub, a subscription system that enables clients pay over a specified period of time has been introduced because she is aware that clients are being mindful of how they spend.

Patience EhiOdoko shows to all women the importance of going through a journey of self discovery, showing up intentionally to the world daily and being a transformational agent through enterprise.
Reach The fabric Hub or Ehi Ready to Wear through these channels:
Instagram: @thefabrichub @ehi_ng @pattytfh
Phone: +23480164742960

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