TIME TO PAY Anthony Joshua launderette boss says it’s time boxer paid up his £120 debt now he has dealt with Wladimir Klitschko

Joshua admits he owes £120 laundry bill and shop owner claims boxing superstar can now afford to pay

The owner of the launderette Anthony Joshua admits he owes money to has told the boxing champion: It’s time to pay up.

Joshua is still recovering from his explosive world heavyweight title victory over Waldimir Klitschko which has catapulted him into the bracket of global superstar.

Max Bakhtari says Anthony Joshua must now pay up his £120 laundry tab, fresh after shocking the boxing world
Mr Bakhtari says he loves having Anthony Joshua being one of his customers at the Finchley laundrette
Anthony Joshua launderette boss says it’s time boxer paid up his £120 debt now he has dealt with Wladimir Klitschko

But the 27-year-old has admitted despite making £15million from his dramatic triumph at Wembley Stadium he still has an outstanding bill with his local dry cleaning shop in Finchley.

And boss Max Bakhtari says Joshua must now pay up his £120 tab after taking care of business in the ring.

Bakhtari said: “I was thinking about wiping the tab clean as a reward for him winning, but actually he can afford to pay me now.

Anthony Joshua, posing with Mr Bakhtari’s daughter, seven-year-old Tamkeen in the laundrette

“I think we need need the money more than he does.

“Seriously though, Anthony is such a nice guy and we love having around the shop – he’s been coming here for about nine years now, well before he became a superstar.

“We look after all his training gear, all the stuff he has been wearing getting ready for the Klitschko fight.

“Either he or one of his friends will drop a bag off after he has trained and we wash all the gear. We also do the tailoring on it so it all fits properly.”

Mr Bakhtari is proud to have played some part in Anthony Joshua looking so good for his ring intro and fight on Saturday

Bakhtari, who runs three shops, added: “I can’t believe that he even mentioned his bill in the press conference, it’s been crazy since the story came out this morning.

“The publicity has been amazing, and it has come just at the right time because things have been hard recently.

“Anthony always settles his bills, though he has never tipped me! He does look after all the staff though, and it shows what a great guy he is.

“We know all the family well and he’s a real Mummy’s Boy, he would do anything for his mother.

“Even when my mum’s in the shop, he’ll go over to her, bow and ask how she is doing.

“He does things he doesn’t have to do, and is a real example to see how people can change if they really want to.”

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