Titilayo and Damon’s Fairytale Castle Wedding

It was an evening seemingly like any other but ultimately would come to change Krystal and Damon’s lives forever. While going through his exercise routine at the gym, Damon was suddenly stunned by a woman on the treadmill – he recalls how Titilayo was “looking so good that I just had to go over and speak to her.” Though Titilayo was not in the mood for conversation, forcing Damon to turn up the charm. After a few attempts of trying to exchange contact information, Damon was finally able to receive her Instagram handle before leaving the gym – but the challenge of his pursuit was not yet over.

Reaching out to Titilayo through Instagram, Damon waited without a response before sending another message – that one too going opened but unanswered, as Titilayo continued to feel out the situation. Finally, one evening after going to bed, Damon was awakened out of sleep to the sound of his phone alerting him of a message. They chatted through direct messages for a while before exchanging numbers. It was during a conversation about the importance of family that Titilayo began to open up. They agreed to meet outside of the gym, going out to dinner, where they “hit it off so well, we started spending a lot of time together.” Over that time their relationship continued to grow as they discovered how much in common they shared – so much so that their meeting began to seem like fate in action.

Damon knew Titilayo was the one since the first time he laid eyes on her, though it wasn’t the first time he saw her; having witnessed her in a dream a few weeks before their meeting. He knew then, seeing her on the treadmill when their paths first crossed, that a higher power was guiding him to his future wife. Titilayo knew Damon was the one when after spending a long enough time together she realized he fulfilled a checklist of characteristics her ideal husband would demonstrate – the type of husband she prayed for. And so it was on Thanksgiving when Damon would make their love forever, asking Titilayo for her hand in marriage. After receiving her parents blessing, and surrounded by their family, Titilayo accepted Damon’s proposal with every beat of her heart.

Titilayo and Damon’s fairytale wedding was perfectly set within the Castle at Rockwall venue in Rockwall, Texas. Titilayo was gorgeous in a custom green gown by designer Ese Azenabor, fulfilling her childhood dream of being married in a brilliant emerald dress. Structured yet still flowing in movement, the green gown was trimmed in lace, hand beading, and was completed with a twenty foot long veil. Damon was dapper in a custom classy tan and ivory suit designed and styled by Don Murphy, with a surprise unique vest depicting the couples picture printed into the material along the back. The couple paid homage to their ancestry by having recitation of their family heritage within the ceremony, as well as jumping the broom into their new life together as husband and wife.

Advice for Engaged Couples: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Try to be understanding and accommodate each other’s wishes when planning for a wedding, because there will be some disagreements. Also, plan ahead if you are getting married, because a lot of money will be spent on the wedding. And actually I would advise to take some time and save money so there will be less financial strain when it comes time pay vendors.

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