Tony Umez gets shocker after flaunting daughter

Sometimes, the past never stays the past, and some memories just don’t go away, and if they do, there are some people who never forget. As many Nollywood actors will tell you, they have had to pay some price for some unpopular roles they have interpreted in their careers at one point or another. At least one recent victim is actor Tony Umez who was reminded of his exploits in featuring in highly sexually explicit movies when he flaunted his beautiful daughter on Instagram days ago.

It was his wedding anniversary and he decided to flaunt his family, including the daughter, only to be greeted by caustic comments of ‘sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children”. One comment reads thus, “After kissing and romancing Genevieve, Omotola and Uche Jombo you think your daughter can go free? You lie, Tony … she must act film”tony-umez-and-daughter

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