Too much Glory and Power @ Power Victory Chapel – Grace Temple

Grace Temple, Grace Temple, Grace Temple!!! Three times the MC chanted and each time the congregation responded, “Never a dull moment” as the custom in Power Victory Chapel, Grace Temple is. The excitement in the auditorium was tangible with everyone being euphoric. All these were preceded by a moment of intense intercessory prayers and a heaven-on-earth worship session with Minister Nat. People just poured out their hearts out unto God during the song ministration by the Grace Temple Choir and the presence of God as was felt by all was purely breathtaking. It was a casual service so everyone was wearing something comfy, from shorts with t-shirts and sneakers to jeans with African print tops and stilettos.

Apostle Josiah Aubin Jr.
Lady Rita Aubin

Even the Apostle of the house was in some very cool jeans as were most of the pastors and congregants because this was the first Sunday of the month of July. Then came the surprise of the day as we hosted E-laff, a Christian comedian, who treated the whole church to some hilariously creative works of his with the highlight of the performance being the story-like narration coined using the names of the books of the Bible. Scripture says in Proverbs 17:22, that “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, and its often said that laughter is medicine to the soul. It was indeed proof that we are a Spirit-led church, not given to the traditions of men but rather, the instructions of the Holy Spirit because there would always be something that happens at service that is preternatural, which baffles everyone and gets them stunned at what God is doing. But all these were just to clear the path for the much awaited moment of the day and come did that moment when the Wordshipper, mounted the pulpit to deliver the unadulterated Word of God in his usual insightful and revelatory way. The comedy he said, came earlier so as to lighten the mood because of the message he came carrying was themed “Characteristics of Immature Christians”. You could feel the sinking effects of the sermon as the Apostle ministered gracefully and the whole auditorium was quiet because this was not the usual “take it and receive it” messages but rather a timely apostolic message aimed at not only building faith but also teaching the people of God to better mature. As the man of God delved into the scriptures, he taught that immature Christians lacked appetite of the things of God, had traits of lateness and absenteeism from services as well as being riddled with strife and divisions. God breathed into His people a full measure of Himself as you could hear people easily recognizing certain attitudes and duly correcting them amidst the joy of having learnt and practiced it right in church. The set man of Grace Temple, Apostle Josiah Aubin Jr., carries a unusual prophetic grace that is so precise and accurate that everyone he ministers to would definitely at one point throw up their hands in dismay because of the information being given to them, even the most private and personal of things.

The prophetic ministration was just awesome and duly refreshing as a greater portion of the congregation could not hide their admiration at the works of the Lord through His servant.

The communion and anointing session followed in succession and the power of God was available to touch His people as they supped at the Lord’s table and had their heads anointed for grace for the second half of the year which was in agreement with scripture as the Bible says, “thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over (Psalm 23:5)”. It was all joy in the church as the service drew to a close with everyone sharing the grace and exchanging pleasantries during the social window. We hope to have you fellowship with us soon so we can experience the grace and power of God together.

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Grace Temple, Never A Dull Moment.

Power Victory Chapel, Living Victoriously In Christ Jesus.

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