VVIP, D-Black, 4X4 are doing senseless songs – Wisa

Wisa Greid has also added his voice to why most new acts are in a rush to release songs.
According to thebigtrice.com, the “Ekiki Mi” singer on Peace FM confessed that most young guys want to attain fame within the shortest possible time so they do not take their time to work on their songs.

He later questioned why already existing acts like VVIP, D-Black and 4×4 who have already attained fame do not also take their time in order to release good music but join the young musicians who will release anything just to win the hearts of Ghanaians.
In recent times, many industry players have been lecturing about how most Ghanaian musicians can reduce the rate at which they release one hit songs on the market and give their fans good music.

Joe Frazier took a swipe at Stay Jay, Atumpan and Nana Boroo because he thinks they are irrelevant in the industry due to the kind of songs they have released back when Azonto was at its peak.

“Before I start, let me first acknowledge the likes of Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and all those veterans. Now, we the new crop of musicians are doing songs that way because we just want the fame and money, we just want people to hear our songs, we are hungry for fame,” Wisa noted.

He added that he does not “understand why grown-ups like D-Black, VVIP, 4X4 who are legends in the game would be doing songs like ‘the feeling bi gbagbagba’, ‘she say abi long oo, dogoyaro’. How? when I was in secondary schools, those were the guys I was looking up to. They’ve been so long in the system, they should be doing sensible songs, they shouldn’t be doing songs like we the young ones. VVIP should by now be doing sensible songs.”

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