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Adonai Fire International Chapel is a multicultural church that believes in dynamic worship in Spirit and Truth. We proclaim Jesus and Christ, as head of the church and the manifested Word of God; that He is honored as Lord, Savoir and King, and we allow the Holy Spirit to operate in our midst in His gifts, operations and manifestations.

Adonai Fire International Chapel was established in March 2006 where we commenced in Accra. We started with eight families and have enjoyed a consistent progression of growth since that time.
Adonai Fire International Chapel is a non-denominational, multi-ethnic church worship center powered with a vision to build leaders, professionals, and leaders to be. At ADONAI Fire International Chapel we believe Jesus Christ is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct in the life of both Churches and Individuals; and also:
Jesus Christ alone is head of the Church.
The Church is the community called into being by God. In both its universal and local expressions, it consists of persons who have personally and knowingly accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and have pledged themselves to worship, follow and serve him in spirit and in truth.
Jesus Christ has opened the way for every believer to approach God the Father directly through him.

He has given to all churches and to every individual the right and responsibility to understand and to do God’s will. Therefore, being accountable to God, Christians are not to despise their fellow believers but to accept one another as Christ’s servants, allowing each other freedom of conscience. God has given to human governments the right and responsibility to promote what is just and good but not to coerce belief or practice contrary to conscience.
The church has a strong spiritual base with a lot of prayers, praise, worship, deliverance and sound teaching of the word featuring different teachers and teaching styles. According to Dr. Joseph Mihaye, “We are a disciplined, smart and efficient group of people who encourage individual and corporate creativity. Our worship center is a peaceful place of excellence, simplicity, and elegance where there is always something exciting going on; a center where there are different types of practical and realistic down to earth activities”. The church intends to “take the church out of church’ to meet the people, and their needs using its motto obtained from the book of Acts chapter 10, verse 38: “Everywhere he went he was doing good.” We intend to be a voice to leadership across all sectors and challenge leaders to do the right thing in the right way that will bring about a positive and lasting change.

*Liberating Destinies, Transforming Lives and Raising Generation of Champions.”

* To see people connecting, caring and growing together in a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
* Reaching out to the hurt and the lost community and bring them to God.
*Connecting people into authentic relationship with God and humanity.
* Building a winning Church, Liberating Destinies, Transforming Lives and Raising Generation of Champions.


Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye Kwaku

Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye Kwaku is a young dynamic and season preacher and a teacher of the word of God. He is a motivational speaker, a revivalist, a conference organizer and speaker to leaders etc. He is the Founder, The General Overseer of Adonai Fire International Chapel with the Head Quarters in the capital City of Ghana and South Africa. He operate in the prophetic grace which has affected the lives of many souls in Ghana and other part of the world.

Dr. Joseph Mihaye operates in the Five fold Ministry, carries an extra-ordinary supernatural grace for the miraculous. He is a man of God who demonstrates the word of God in power even as he as he teaches because he believes that the kingdom of God is not only in words but in power. Apostle has traveled wide to many part of the world on Apostolic Missions including South Africa, Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Swaziland, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and many part of Europe; Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain etc. His passion and mandate is to see many souls saved in his last day. His messages are centered on Holy Spirit, Hope, Faith, Salvation, Prayer, Order, Prosperity of God’s children and strong relationship with Christ Jesus.

Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye is the Founder and President of Apostolic Ministerial International Network (An International Council of Churches Worldwide) with more than 120 Churches and Pastors, Apostles, Bishops and Churches Leaders under him.

He teaches and speaks at Revival, Conferences, Crusades, Summits with power and authority of the word of God. He is the Chancellor of Kingdom Excellent Leadership Institutes in Accra, Ghana and South African where Christian Leaders empowered for the work of the ministry. He holds a MTh. (Masters in Theology) from Kingdom Harvesters Christian University, ELKHART Indiana, USA and Honorary Doctorate In Divinity (DD) from Apostolic Christian University College, South Africa and is a qualified Accountant and Auditor as profession with ACCA Level 2.

Dr. Joseph Mihaye is also an Author of Christian books with three book into his accounts; The Seven levels to Effective Apostolic Ministry, The Battle of Success and The Power of Wisdom.

The church is located in South Africa: Stand #200, Tshedza Street, Block G Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa. Phone # +27736552815/ +27732489284

In Ghana: #789 Amasaman, GA West Municipal Assembly, Accra. +233264140278 / +233242364747

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