Sister Sister! Nollywood Actresses Aneke Twins in New Photos

While P-Square continues to “kill” it in the music world, the Aneke Twins make sure they slay it in the movie industry.
The sisters Chidimma Aneke and Chidiebere Aneke have released a new photoshoot to celebrate their birthday month. Rocking similar outfits, the sisters flash their white pearls for the cameras. Below is their story

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Nollywood celebrity twins, Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke are no strangers to movie making in Nigeria . The pretty actresses cum producers who were the brains behind such wave-making movies as ’Compulsory Risk “, ‘Ujuaka”and many others have continued to enlarge their profile against all odds in the industry.
Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-2-600x585Born to the same parents, Chidimma and Chidebere Aneke otherwise known as Aneke Twins in Nollywood are just amazing pair whose resemblance transcends looks. As thespians and Filmmakers, the identical and inseparable duo draws fortune to themselves for looking and sounding the same way.
However, from the inception of their aspiration to get to where there are now and where they intend to be tomorrow, they were no strangers to hurdles of life. Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-3-600x744 Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-4-600x752 Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-5-600x500Though they were born with silver spoons, things went sour after the death of their father, “Life became very difficult when dad died. We went into petty trading; we sold pure water, bread and ‘akara’. We hawked on the streets to survive.”, they said in an interview with Thisday Newspaper.
Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-6-600x739 Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-7-600x754On why they went into acting : “We both went into acting because we loved and wanted to act. Before this time, we sat and talked about it. We knew what we were good at doing and it has being fun. At the moment, we are still on top of our games. Acting is our dream and we are happy doing what we enjoy doing. So, most times, we act twin roles and twin characters. Nigeria has not really reached the stage where one actor can really act twin roles successfully hence, identical twins in that kind of production saves the day”
Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-8-600x723 (1) Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-8-600x723On their educational background, Chidimma said, “I read mass communication and Chidiebere studied Business administration and we both graduated from Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. Chidiebere did her National Youth Service in Osun State and won an Award as Best Corper. I did my National Youth Service in Oyo State”
Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-9-600x757On giving back to the society, they said. “Yes, we have been having programs to help people using our church as a medium. But we did a major one this year on the 14th of February; We hosted the disabled people in Enugu and it was televised. Already, we are building an NGO known as GB foundation to help out with these plans”
Against all odd, they continue to strive even in the face of seemingly impossible situations and today they are force to reckon with in Nollywood
Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-10-600x766 Aneke-Twins-New-Photos-11-600x537

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