Nigeria Suffering Is Still Doing Skipping Rope In Rio-Olympic…Chidi Mokeme

Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme

Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme is one actor that is loved by many. During the time he was active in the industry, Chidi was often accustomed to Lover Boy Roles.

Although his activity in Nollywood now is passive, but the actor really worked hard to achieve what he has today.
Known to be a vocal person, Chidi do not stop himself from expressing his thoughts about the situation of things affecting the country.
For the actor, he sees more suffering ahead if the issues affecting the country are not well attended to.
In a recent post, he disclosed that the way he is seeing things, the suffering that would hit the country is still doing Skipping rope in Rio.

In his words: “Marketers, importers, manufacturers, Investors, etc cannot find Forex at N350. The suffer that is coming is still doing skipping rope in Rio.”

Chidi Mokeme came into limelight when he anchored the first two editions of Gulder Ultimate Search talent hunt show. The tall, handsome, baritone-voiced and amiable young man has since been in the movie industry far back 1995 and made his first appearance in the movies titled Goodbye Tomorrow and Burden of Vengeance. He got married in 2012 to his heartrob Dr Jean Chinwe Olumba.

He started out as a model. His job was to represent brands. He was once a brand ambassador of a telecommunications company called Zodaphone

According to Chidi Mokeme, what inspires him to act in a movie is that, the story must be relevant and it must be a story he can relate and connect with. He also believes in working with people he can get along with. He also has a production outfit.

He is happy to state that his parents gave him the opportunity to acquaint himself with the whole of Nigeria. Due to the fact that he had his primary education in the West, his secondary education in the North and his tertiary education in the East. He says that he would give his kids that opportunity to know all parts of the world too.

He understands Yoruba and has appeared in a couple of Yoruba movies. He also speaks Hausa and his native dialect, Igbo.

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