“I believe in the dignity of labour”…Babatunde Gbadamosi, a true trail blazer shares his story as developer of Amen Estate

A Lagos based real estate developer and one of the top public policy analysts in Nigeria. Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi has distinguished himself as a built environment specialist.
The Real Estate tycoon owns the prestigious Amen Estate, located in Eleko Beach Road, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. The estate has become the preferred home for Nigerians and foreigners who are people of class. The day visit to the estate might confuse you as it will be as if you are in the Hollywood in the United States while the night scenery is a beauty to behold. Never lacking power, Amen Estate is the choice of most Nigerian celebrities. Top actors and actresses, successful sports stars and tycoons are the caliber of people that have chosen the Amen Estate.

Speaking on his passion to transform Real Estate Business in Nigeria, the London Born business man said he believes the best is meant for all and nobody should be denied of good living. Amen Estate was born of a desire to first of all return to Nigeria after over 17 year sojourn in the United Kingdom and also the desire to live a better and quality life.

Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi – CEO, Amen Estate

Babatunde Gbadamosi who is a property developer and Chairman of Redbrick Homes International Ltd, the gold standard for estate development in Nigeria, broke the mould by developing Amen Estate without exposure to banks, a situation considered impossible by many. He said in an exclusive interview with Pleasures Magazine that life is all about taking risk and adding value to your generation. His vision is to build Africa best Estate that will be attractive to both high and medium income earners. Considering the world economic recession, actualizing his dream has not been without its difficulties, but Gbadamosi is clearly undaunted.

“We have a number of homes, differentiated broadly by the number of bedrooms available in each house. We have tried as much as possible to make the houses as spacious and comfortable as possible in order to give enough breathing room to each property. In terms of spatial arrangement, we have done our bit to ensure that the residents can feel comfortable, both indoors and outdoors. So, we have the Afin,  AgbalaQueen Amina, Iga,  Olori, the Lolo and a number of other variations are about to be introduced into the mix.”, said Gbadamosi.

“The Afin is a 7 bedroom mansion, followed by the Agbala, which is 5 bedrooms detached mansion and the Queen Amina is 5 bedroom semi-detached mansion. The Iga is 4 bedroom detached mansion. The Olori is 4 bedrooms semi-detached and there is 4 bedroom town house or terrace called the Nze, and we have the Lolo which is a 3 bedroom flat. On the lower end of the scale, we are introducing “starter” homes like one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.”, he continues.

He pointed out that property business is a worthy venture but the investor must be focused and determined. “Several people have called to ask how we are getting along in the unstable economy like ours in Nigeria, my simple answer is focus and determination.”

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The property mogul however said the effort is really worth it, considering the sense of satisfaction that comes with each completed and delivered home.
According to him he had been running a successful business in London, before deciding to explore the market in Nigeria. Not just for the money but to set the pace for others who are also capable of investing in Nigeria. “I have come to show that one can run a successful business in Nigeria, I am hopeful that others will tread the same path by coming to improve our country”.
He calls on other Nigerians abroad to come back home and invest; he explained that there is nowhere like home. “I had been away for 17 years but I thought the business of development and employment generation should not be left for the government alone. There is need for individual participation and contribution, and this is what will drive true development in our country. In our own little way, we have done our bit to create jobs for the unemployed. Others too can and should start ventures that will create jobs.”

He co-runs the estate with his wife Sade

The property merchant who hails from the respected Gbadamosi family in Ikorodu also narrated his childhood experience as a young secondary school boy, when he had to wash ‘danfo’ (commercial bus), not because his parents were too poor to afford his school fees, but because he was restless. The decision he took as a child empowered him to become a successful entrepreneur today.
His passion is to become one of the leading providers of job for young and old. “I wish I could have 2million workers working for me, I will be glad, but as a former roadside Danfo washman, we will surely get to that level. We are on the right path at the moment as you too can see. He hails from the family of great businessmen and politicians.

His grandfather was a colleague of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Premier of defunct Western Region. The older Gbadamosi was widely known as the person who brought the then Irish brewing giant, Guinness, to Nigeria. This tells that the younger Gbadamosi’s passion for business may in fact have been genetically inherited.
What would have been his saddest experience in life, this happened when he dropped out of the Lagos State University 28 years ago. That occasion would have shattered his dream, but he moved on with his life, and according to him, “I did not regret dropping out of university.”
That experience had rather served as driving force than destroying him, going ahead to become one of the most sought after property owners in the country today, following his success with Amen Estate, which has now become the toast of the high and mighty in the country.

The posh homes specifically built for the rich and silver spoon, is one of such in sub-Sahara Africa, according to real estate experts. Little wonder big movie producers in the country have made it their choice locations for their movies.
The luxurious estate has played host to A-list movie producers such as Funke Akindele-Bello, Tijani Olaide, Chichi Nworah, 2face Idibia, Rita Dominic, Akin Lewis, Iyabo Ojo, among others.
But the estate guru is very modest on the success he has achieved in property business, dedicating his achievement to God and his family upbringing.
In spite of success he remains very humble, accommodating and very friendly with his staff. He is a giver and lover of young ones, he dropped this simple message for younger ones. “be very focused and determined even if life may not offer you what you desire now, it does not mean you will not get to your destination. Keep on trusting God and do away with criminal activities. Sooner or later you will count the blessing of God in your life.”

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