2018 is a ‘Year of Divine Settlement’ – Sam Owusu declares

For the thousands of Christians who thronged the auditorium of the Champion Ways Ministries for the Crossover service, and the millions who monitored on radio, live streaming, 2018 will be a remarkable year of “Divine settlement if they put their shoulder to the wheel.

That is the declaration from Bishop Sam Owusu, the head pastor and General Overseer of the Champion Ways Ministries also known as the Portersville Church at his annual crossover watch night service.

Voted one of the most influential African pastors for the year 2017, Bishop Owusu conferred same on members of his congregation and tens of thousands of others who sought the face of God via online for direction to end an old year and to begin a new one.

Bishop Sam Owusu, General Overseer of the Portersville Church

“The year 2018 will be your best year yet; everybody, no matter how long you have lived on the planet, God is about to cause you to grow in influence,” he said.
Describing how impactful members of his congregation will be in the year of “Divine Settlement, the man of God, in his white bishop ceremonial apparel.

According to him settlement can be defined as: To make out a compensation for a claim; To pay a debt; To put into order; or arranged as desired; To agree to fix in advance, restore calmness or comfort to; To come to rest. So, this year God will make out a compensation for your claims; He will pay your debt; He will put your life in order; He will sort you out well ahead; He will establish you in this land; He will restore calmness and comfort to you; He will make your life to enjoy rest.
When the Almighty God is involved in the affairs of man, things begins to move in an unusual, unprecedented way. When God decides to be involved in the affairs of man, every obstacle becomes surmounted, the forces of heaven begins to work for such a one. That is what is known as divine settlement.

Ruth was such a faithful and pleasant lady, but how she suffered in the early part of her life. I guess it would have been hard for her culturally as a Moabitess to marry an Israeli man, but she did. After about ten years of marriage, her husband died without having any child for him. No Moabite man would want to marry her again. Then the only companion she had, her mother in-law wanted to go back to Canaan and to leave Ruth by herself.
She must have been greatly troubled. Her mother in-law pressed her to stay in Moab, but she declined and followed. Even then, in Canaan she can only married to someone related to her husband by tradition. God honoured her faithfulness by arranging her compensation. She was Divinely connected with a wealthy man called Boaz, who happened to be the choicest kinsman to her late husband.
Boaz happened to be the great grandfather of David, and therefore in the linage of Jesus!
You are here, you just lost something very dear to you in 2017. Your year of settlement has come, God will compensate you with a greater blessing. Mahlon or Chillion died, but Boaz came. Whatever your Boaz may mean, may God connect you to him in 2018. It is our year of divine settlement.

“In 2018 when you find yourself in a battle remember this story,” he said, challenging Christians to remember the word at all times and believe that the Lord who has kept them alive will send forth an angel to fight their battles and provide a pillar of cloud to block any enemy attack.

It was a night of awesome praise and worship from the mass choir as well as the symphony orchestra who lighted the atmosphere with some of the greatest and most recent gospel tracks.

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