Gorgeous Traditional Nigerian and Western Wedding in Alabama – Kourtney and Adeola

Even though Kourtney and Adeola both attended the same university they didn’t begin dating until after graduation.
Sharing several mutual friends, they would see each other in passing from time to time, to which Kourtney admits to secretly having a crush on him. It would be a seemingly random weekend when Kourtney’s friend while DJ’ing in Alabama, mentioned her to Adeola and passed along her number. Soon after she received a text from Adeola, beginning a conversation that would carry them into their first date, and from there all the way to the altar.

Bride & Groom: Kourtney & Adeola
Wedding Location: Spanish Fort Community Center (Nigerian Ceremony), Christ Temple Apostolic Church (Wedding Ceremony), Daphne Civic Center in Daphne, Alabama (Reception).

Kourtney and Adeola were joined together as wife and husband in two ceremonies over the course of a weekend. The first being their traditional Nigerian ceremony in honor of Adeola’s family, displaying rituals of the Yoruba tribe throughout. The second ceremony was their traditional Western wedding. For her dress, Kourtney fell in love with the first dress she tried on within the first store she walked into. Standing at the church altar in a custom navy blue and black suit, Adeola breathlessly awaited as Kourtney, the love of his life, illuminated the aisle in a chic, form-fitting Ashley & Justin gown. There, with the support of family and friends, their love was made eternal.

Best Memories: Kourtney: “Our first look was by far the best part of the day for me. The moment I touched Adeola’s shoulder and he turned around to see me for the first time, life changed instantly…for the better.”

Adeola: “The ride to the reception at the American Wedding, also the wedding party entrance was exciting, but the first dance with my wife was amazing and truly showed me what I get to experience for the rest of my life.”

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