Good Governance: Maryam Shetty is Leading by Empowering Others

The notion of providing women with opportunities to invest and change their circumstances for the better seems to have defined the entrepreneurial journey of the Nigerian social activist Maryam Shettima so far. Due to her remarkable commitment to patriotism she was privileged to represent Nigeria at the United Nation General Assembly in the committee of accountability and transparency, and Anti-corruption.

“This makes me want to give my best and achieve positive changes in my community. My ambitions are built on determination and discipline, to become a social activist and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Dr Maryam Shettima (famously known as Maryam Shetty) is a passionate advocate for good governance, which is hardly surprising considering she is the founder of the ‘We Believe Movement’, an initiative she is using as a social campaign project designed to promote a national rebirth defined purely on viable ethos and active citizenship.

“#WeBelieve is an independent, non-governmental agency, that is committed to creating yardsticks for good governance and we have taken it upon ourselves to marshal a way forward for our great nation” Dr Maryam says….”Yet we are Nigerians and we believe! To“Believe” is to hold a concept in this case in which we are totally committed”, she emphasized.

Under the umbrella of this movement is a deliberate ideology that places every Nigerian as Nigerian first before any other identity. The Nigerian of her dream is a person that isn’t defined by the trinity of ethnicity, religion and politics, but by the dreams of the country’s founding fathers. She is building a critical mass of Nigerians who are now disconnected from the apron of tribal distrust, religious bigotry and parochial leanings.

She continues to lend her voice to peace building, quality leadership protection and participation of women and other minorities in the society through the impactful and popular #WeBelieve movement.

Maryam obtained her Masters Degree from East London University, Stratford in the United Kingdom where she majored on sports physiotherapy. She was on the medical team of the London Olympics where she worked with top-tier athletes including world record holder, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt.

Maryam is known for philanthropic initiatives especially in the area of education where she led the rehabilitation of schools in her native state of Kano on the successful platform of her #GivingBack initiative.

Maryam Shettima built a distinguished career in the field of physiotherapy alongside being a social entrepreneur, in addition to her prominent role in the field of supporting women and expanding the circle of her participation in society, which made her one of the influential young leaders in Africa.

During her visit to the Presidential Villa at the behest of the Nigerian Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Mayram Shetty, who was born into the ancient Kano Royal family and started her early education in Kano, echoed to the fascinating amazement of the vice president. “we are a congregation of young, passionate and independent-minded Nigerians, most of which are professionals with a flare to do things differently.


And today, we are championing the course of anti-corruption and accountability, a course of moral consciousness in politics, a course of critical infrastructure and social services, and indeed we are championing the course of a new Nigeria,” she said with measured pride and confidence.

With her #WEBELIEVE MOVEMENT, Maryam Shetty is calling on the leadership of her home country to roll out a holistic and sustain a people-centred development master plan and national project of human capacity development.

She wants a Nigeria where Nigerian citizens can have the heart to emancipate the land from the backwardness of ethnicity, parochialism and religious bigotry, a Nigeria where citizens can believe in, live in and if possible die for. That the language of blame, cynicism and hopelessness should be replaced with a renewed philosophy of hard work, vigour and harmony, for great nations are made from the sacrifices of her people.

Politically, she participated as a member of the Presidential Campaign Team Field Operations. Youths and Women Presidential Campaign Team Member Strategic Communication, and saw through a commendably peaceful election Congress in Delta State as one of the seven committee members.

She played critical roles in the just concluded 2023 presidential elections due to her vast network, as a member of the contact and mobilization as well as contributing massively in the policy making and strategy committees respectively.

Maryam Shettima was awarded an Honorary Degree for her outstanding roles in Leadership and Community Development by the ESGT University of Technology, Benin Republic.
She continues to lend her voice to peace building, quality leadership protection and participation of women and other minorities in the society through the impactful and popular #WeBelieve movement.

Tel: +234 802 808 8888

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