30 Years on top of her Fashion Game & Naomi Campbell is as Fierce as Ever!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is one of the “1000 Beautiful People” featured in the September 2016 issue of Paper magazine.

The ageless beauty talks to the magazine about how she has stayed relevant in the fashion industry for the past 30 years and how she has transitioned into television.

See excerpts from her interview below.

On the people she surrounds herself with: “They are not showy, but sincere,” she says. “They are loyal and honest and there with you throughout, being themselves and being true. Pure.”

On encouraging others: “If a young model asks me for advice or if I can help them, I will. I’m very much supportive of young artists, young photographers, young models. There is nothing wrong with sharing; I think you should. And I never do it expecting anything in return.”Naomi-Campbell-2-600x781

On freedom to be creative: “For shoots, we used to have these amazing trips, and now it’s just get there and start, in and out,” she says. “Time is just… shorter. I still have to deliver my end of the stick, and I love what I do and the enthusiasm is the same”.

On being on “Empire”: “Models used to get a hard time when they wanted to cross over into something else. And to be so supported, I really didn’t think that would happen,” she says of her recent television work. “I feel very blessed for the opportunity to be able to express myself in a different way.”

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