6 Times Chike Ike’s Style Proved She is Truly An African Diva

Who really is a Diva? The dictionary has several ways of describing the D-word but we would rather quote Beyonce Knowles Carter: “A Diva is a female version of a hustler.” We refuse to see a diva as a temperamental character with narcissistic behavioural traits but rather as someone who is a force to reckon with. A diva is not only strong female but also a true Style Raven: one who creates trends, who exudes great style with confidence and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

When it comes to the world of Nollywood, while there are several actresses who fit Queen Bee’s definition of a Diva, very few stand out quite like actress, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Chika Ike, owner of the reality TV Show aptly called ‘African Diva,’ where she finds and/brings out the African Diva in young women, inspiring them to think big and do great things with class and panache.

We’re convinced Chika Ike didn’t just create the African Diva show for the fun of it, she’s proven time and time again that she is a strong, elegant woman who pursues every goal she set for herself with style, grace and strength so what better way to inspire young women who look up to her than with a chance for one woman to live her dreams.

We certainly admire Chika’s drive and diva-ttitude and that’s why we want to show you a few looks where the actress repped the Diva title to the T! These choices prove that Chika Ike is not only promoting Nigeria and Africa as a whole but she truly is an African Diva.

A look at some of her best Diva moments…

Chika Ike is different and that’s clear to see. The actress has achieved and is still achieving… You go, Girl!!!

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