8 Warning Signs Your Body Desperately Needs More Water

We all know that water is important, healthy, and essential. More than once, we’ve been told to “drink more water,” while we nodded in silent agreement. We can all agree on that, and we strive to be the kinds of people that remember to drink water on a regular basis. But still, a number of us find ourselves forced to drink only when our mouths are dry and our skin is peeling.

If this sounds all too familiar, then you should really take a look at these 8 warning signs that will make you go and fill yourself a glass of water.

1. Fatigue
This one is notoriously familiar to us. We’re tired at work, tired at home, tired as soon as we wake up. If you feel constantly tired, you should really consider the possibility that you are actually dehydrated.

Dehydration causes your enzymatic activity to slow down, which causes your body to produce less potential energy for your future benefit.

In order to avoid this, you should drink water regularly throughout the day. Try drinking to the point that your urine is light in color.

2. Increased Blood Pressure
To those of you who suffer from high blood pressure, or would be happy to avoid it in the future, changing your drinking habit may just be the trick.

Our blood is made from around 92% water when hydrated, and so it becomes thicker as your hydration level decreases, making it more difficult on your heart to pump it, elevating your blood pressure.

3. High Cholesterol
This is usually a problem that is much more associated with adults, but sometimes can also be found in younger folks. Yet, should be prevented altogether, if possible.

If you have high cholesterol, or perhaps you know that it’s genetic in your family, you should know that drinking more water can help in reducing it considerably. When dehydrated, the body will produce cholesterol so to reduce water loss from inside the cells.

4. Kidney Problems
The kidneys are responsible for disposing of excess substances found in the bloodstream, such as salts and minerals, urea, excess water, and more. The kidneys do so by extracting water from the blood that circulates through them, and this mixture of water and disposed substances is moved down to the bladder and then out of the body.

However, when lacking water, it will be much more difficult for the kidneys to pull away precious water from the bloodstream, which can eventually result in kidney problems. These problems can potentially be expressed through pain, and in rare cases, even failure.

So, long story short, don’t bet on your kidneys. Drink water.

5. Constipation
Those of you who have experienced constipation can testify that a painful stomach, and an hour in the bathroom with no avail, is not a joyful experience. To say the least. Those of you who wish to avoid this unpleasant situation should know that a lack of water may just be your problem.

The colon requires a substantial amount of water in order to provide fluids to other “bodily functions” that are equally important to any other. Unfortunately, when dehydrated, there just won’t be enough fluids for your “waste” to make a clean and easy exit, if at all.

Doesn’t sound appealing? It’s not.

6. Aching Joints
No one likes pain, especially the kind that makes you feel older and weaker, such as joint pain. Well, if you’re young, or even middle-aged, you should know that a constant aching in the joints may be due to dehydration.

The cartilage padding the joints is made of mostly water, and when lacking, it is weakened and recovers more slowly.

So the next time that you wake up with a bad knee, you should consider drinking two or three glasses of water.

7. Fat Gain Instead of Water
Gaining weight lately and can’t figure out why? Getting hungry all the time even though you eat healthy? Well, this is a classic problem of dehydration.

When your body cells are dehydrated from water, a major and important source of energy for them, they will signal your body to look for an alternative power supply. And, except drinking, the other way to provide energy to your cells is by the consumption of food. When dehydrated, you will actually feel hungry at first rather than thirsty. Falling for this deception and eating will result in weight gain.

Also, here’s a tip: try drinking a glass or two of water when you have the urge to go for that midnight snack. You might find that you weren’t actually hungry in the first place.

8. Visible Aging Marks
This one is actually for the chronically dehydrated. When the body is lacking sufficient amounts of water for a long period of time, your organs, including your skin, will start to wrinkle.

Looking older than you actually are, and highly unhealthy as well, is not a fun notion. This can be avoided to a certain extent. If you are showing signs of dehydration, change your drinking patterns now, before your body starts to show you the unfortunate results.

All of these unfavorable symptoms can be avoided, or at least moderated, by regular consumption of water. Here are a few tips on how to actually do so:

Drink two glasses of water before each meal. This will also keep you from overeating. You should also drink a glass after your meal.
Buy a personal water bottle and carry it with you. Make sure to buy one that will actually be comfortable for you to use and carry with you.
Consume water-based foods. Examples are cucumbers, grapefruits, and, of course, watermelon.
Download a water consumption tracking app. There are a number of these on the market. Just take your pick.
The options are various, and you should always look for your own personal preference to keep track of your water consumption. Just remember to stick with it when you do.


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