A Determined Ghanaian Artisan Samuel Peprah – Rises From The Deep To The Peak, Creating Tons Of Employment For The Unemployed

“When I signed from my pay job as an artisan to go into entrepreneurship, I had not even a dime to start with, but I was very determined to express my entrepreneurial skills and enterprise. I was confident I will make it, because I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do. It wasn’t easy though, but, I didn’t give up, and, here I am now, the CEO of Prestodea Ghana Ltd.”.

Samuel Peprah – CEO, Prestodea Ghana Ltd.

The saying that ‘a man’s education is not defined by the knowledge he acquires through schooling but by what he does with the knowledge he acquires’ typifies the story of this industrious Ghanaian entrepreneur, Samuel Peprah, CEO, Prestodea Ghana Ltd. 

Growing up, Samuel was one of the numerous African children who didn’t have the privilege of going to school to acquire western education like others. Life was frustrating, more like hopeless, for him until the light of hope shone on him when fate brought him in contact with a wonderful Man of God, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi Who took him like a son and later introduced him to a friend of his to learn trade. Samuel, humble, meek, scholarly and dedicated to learning, served his master diligently, obeying all commands and instructions dished out to him, for five years, a period during which he learnt the trade of artisan-ship in metal and aluminum designs, aluminum sliding doors and windows, metal banisters among others.

STARTING UP: When Samuel decided to leave his master and vie into the daring and dreary world of entrepreneurship, he didn’t have any money saved anywhere to go and start with. He was driven simply by sheer determination to succeed, alongside the confidence he had in himself.

Samuel sharing some of his recent projects with the Publisher of Pleasures Magazine, Deacon Ola Babatunde

‘I had nothing to start with except the confidence I had in myself. I believed that I will make it if I did not fester in my determination. So, I always motivated myself. I also draw inspiration from what I see from other people, because I used to tell myself that if that another person can do it, I can too. Let me emphasize here that it wasn’t easy for me when I started. I had no car, so, I had to walk most of the times. At some other times I would go around on commercial motor bikes (okada), seeking for contracts from prospective clients, but most project owners will tell you they can’t give their jobs to Okada man. In fact, some prospective clients will treat you in such manners that you may be tempted to give up and want to go back to your former company. I suffered all of that, and even more, but I was not discouraged. My determination and confidence kept me going, and today, the rest is history,’ he said.

Samuel with his Lebanese clients

“As I said earlier, I had no money to start with. So, I had to first seek some small jobs around to execute, which I did get some, and I was able to raise money after about three months to register my Company, Prestodea Ghana Ltd. This was partly because I didn’t want to register just a business name because I knew the vision that I had for myself and my company. So, I took my time to start with what I could get around and then registered my company later”.


This industrious young African industrialist gave it all the shots to brave the odds and weather the storm of establishing a big company like Prestodea Ghana Ltd, specialists in metal designs of all fashions and styles and aluminum sliding doors, windows etc, in Accra, Ghana, and is now spreading to other countries in Africa like Nigeria, Cote’ D’ Voire, Togo and so on, without financial help from anybody or even the government. He wouldn’t even dare going to the bank, because their throat sliding interest rates will not encourage any reasonable entrepreneur to dare to approach them for loan. Even more, the bureaucratic procedures for securing loan from banks in Ghana is monstrous to young businesses. So, Prestodea Ghana Ltd, which has created numerous jobs for the unemployed youths of Ghana and beyond, was financed through the sole effort of the CEO, Samuel Peprah.
“Prestodea Ghana Ltd specialize in providing a architectural metal and aluminum work specialist, design, fabrication and installation service of Stainless Steel & Glass Balustrade Systems components, Handrails & Decking Railings for general public, contractors and architectural designers.


At Prestodea Ghana Ltd we offer a full installation service if required on all types of works, from private residential customers to large commercial structural steel installations. Together with our skilled workforce, we believe that we run a highly motivated and progressive company, tailored to the needs of today’s innovative and demanding construction techniques.”

FINANCING PROJECTS: This, too, was not easy. It was not easy because some clients will give us contracts and tell us to go ahead and execute the projects before they will pay. And as I said earlier, it is pretty difficult here in Ghana. But God has been kind to us at Prestodea Ghana Ltd. We always find a way around any challenge,’ he said.


It has been said that there is no storm that is strong enough to stop a determined mind. Charismatic Samuel Epra is a classic example of a young man with a determined mindset. He had no money, no sufficient formal education, no Certificate, yet he has grown to become an accomplished businessman.
PROJECTS EXECUTED SO FAR BY PRESTODEA GHANA LTD: Prestodea Ghana Ltd, after just a few years of establishment, has won numerous contracts, small, medium and big contracts alike, and has executed many projects across different parts of Ghana and beyond. Prominent among the projects so far executed by Prestodea Ghana Ltd include a large residential estate (Clifton homes at Tetteh Quarshie roundabout, the Kingdom Bookshop building at Tema, the ICGC Church building at Achimota, the Methodist church building at Sakomuno among numerous others.
“We are a vibrant company with competence staff which deals and Crash Rails, Spiral Stairs, Structural Glass Balustrades, Security Grilles, Drain Covers, Grating.”

On the future prospect of the company, this workaholic, visionary, focused and purpose-driven young African entrepreneur says that he envisages his company, Prestodea Ghana Ltd, ruling the African continent in service delivery in the areas of PVC aluminum construction and metal designs of various fashions and styles in the next four to five year from now.


‘If nothing could stop me up to this time, then I am confident that nothing will stop Pistodia Ghana Ltd from ruling the continent in our areas of services in the next four to five years to come,’ he said.
PHILOSOPHY: Trust, they say, is everything in the success of any business. That, exactly, is the watchword of Samuel Peprah, the CEO of Pistodia Ghana Ltd, which he has embedded in the management of the Company.
‘Our philosophy at Pistodia Ghana Ltd is that we always trust ourselves to do the right thing at the right time so that our clients and the general public can trust us,’ said Samuel.

ADVICE TO GOVERNMENT AND YOUTHS OF AFRICA: When asked what his parting shot will be for the leadership and the youths of African countries generally, this soft speaking but confident and enterprising entrepreneur advises the governments of all African countries, especially Ghana, to formulate and enforce policies that will make it possible for young entrepreneurs and industrialists to access capital from financial institutions with ease and at reasonable interest rates, too, so they can start their own businesses. This way, they will be able to create jobs for the dreary population of jobless African youths and drive the economy of their various countries. For the youths, Samuel advises them to look inward and find an area of life that interests them and work on it to create employment for themselves and others. This is the only way the continent will advance her course and grow economically.


Prestodea Ghana Limited is located on the Spintex road, Coaster Estate Junction. Tel: +233 246 957 021 , +233 279 775 088
Email: prestodeaghana@gmail.com


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