Afia Daly: Change Is Growth

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Afia Daly

Change is a sign of strength, the only proof that you’ve not given up on yourself. Every change no matter how small is significant to the solidity of our success. Remember “The road to success is always under construction” -L ily Tomlin.  Do not give room to mediocrity because the non-acceptance of your present gives room to create a better future. When the direction of the wind changes, you adjust your sail so do not let your circumstance today hinder you from making changes for a bigger and better tomorrow.

Change is nature’s way of re-birth and it is here to stay. Without change, there’d be no growth and we will remain stagnant. A lot of people detest change because of the result and impression it sometimes leaves behind, change either leaves a positive or negative impression but it always depends on the perspective from which you see or look at things.

No matter how tough the situation may seem to be, never be resistant to change because change is the only thing that can turn things around. We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are” – Max de Pree. To progress and to stop regressing we must accept change and work around what it presents us. Change brings growth and the way to self-improvement.

Some people are so blind to change that they have no perspective; their only way of seeing things is looking backward instead of looking forward. Note that, success and growth work hand in hand and they are both unlikely if you always do things the way you’ve always done them.

In the words of John Trapp, “It is better to be pruned to grow than cut up to burn”. Don’t let your fear of negative criticism stop you from making life changing decisions that can give you a better tomorrow. Sometimes, you have to learn to be immune to the negativity that some changes draw. You either change or let the world change you.

Change is nature’s way of recreating and strengthening us for what lies ahead. Truth is, change isn’t always beautiful, it most times comes in ugly cloths, but it takes the brave, the wise and the strong to accept change as it comes and make something beautiful out of the ugly mess, for even great ideas sometimes needs changes and modifications in order to sell.

When you accept that change is here to stay, you learn the skill of adaptation and the skill of overcoming every circumstance thrown at you by life. Most often people get depressed and broken not because they cannot handle negative situations, but because they fail to accept that change is growth.

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