As Rascal Flatts states in a lyric to one of his hit songs “Life is a highway”. We can all agree that, even though that line was used figuratively, we can each process that statement literally.
Our lives are borrowed and no one is assured of the days ahead. Each passing day was once a “Tomorrow” and the same time was once considered a “Today” and each day will eventually be considered “Yesterday”. So will our lives evolve. A lot can happen in a day that is why we have to make each passing minute count. Today may be sweet, tomorrow could be sour and yesterday’s memory could be filled with lessons, so make the most of it while it’s here. Considering how short and unpredictable our lives are, it is safe to say that, we are nothing but visitors.

Breaking down Rascal Flatts line, we each can relate to why life is considered a highway. Life is indeed a highway but it is most certainly neither a race nor a competition, simply because the trophies to be awarded us isn’t going to be the same and will be rewarded to us separately and for different accomplishments. Everyone walking the surface of this planet is going somewhere but our destinations are never the same, some make it to their destination earlier than others because our exits on this highway we are all traveling differ.
The moment you think of life as a competition, you devalue the worth of your life, you limit yourself to the standard of those you consider competitions and you will fail to live up to your full potentials. Note that, everyone in this journey is equipped to an extent; there are those who are better equipped than you and there are those lesser equipped than you. Some are driving bigger, better and faster cars, some with cars with bigger engines than yours but at the end of the day, we are all traveling the same highway. So here’s a question for you. Why race someone driving a car faster and bigger than yours? That will be an unfair race and you will be doing yourself an injustice. Ran your own race competing with the person you were. Besides, we shall each exit differently. There will be those who will arrive at their destination before us, those who will arrive after us and those who will not make it to their destination at all.

Concentrate on making your journey worth the hustle by bettering yourself and concentrate on how to make your journey a smooth one for yourself. You will be battling so many obstacles and you will be picking up so many different habits and traits on this journey but competing others should never be an option. Quit worrying about how fast and swift others are going, it will only make you pickup jealousy and her brother hate as passengers and believe this, having jealousy and hate as your passengers will only slow you down and eventually bring you to an abrupt stop if not a deadly accident. The most important common trait of those who made it to their exit without accidents or self distraction was their ability to remain calm when facing their adversaries and their ability to remain humble when they overcame their adversary.
Make the most of the life given you, do not waste half of it chasing what others have instead of going for what’s yours and what you could be. Chase for your greatness; do not destroy your ambitions and self worth to be what someone already is. There can only be one YOU. Jubilate with those who passes you, give them the boost they need if you can but never compete with them;
Competing with those destined to get to their destination before you is self distraction and could lead to your certain doom.
Dr. Sansa Daly.

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