Afia Daly: You Are The Master of Your Fate

Who you are and what you ultimately turn out to be depends entirely on you and your thoughts, because we are each in charge of our own fate.

How we choose to use our minds and what we choose to give room to in our minds plays a significant role in how we see the world, how we live and how far we can go.

Your fate lies within your thoughts because your thoughts compels your actions.

Self motivation contributes to our optimism and creates/increases endorphins which makes you look at life more positively and prohibits aggression towards yourself and others.

A positive thinking person stands a better chance at living a more positive life which could guarantee a better fate.

The more you think about something or an idea, the greater your desire to act upon them.

The truth remains that, your consciousness lies within your minds eye, so the more effort you put into thinking about something or an idea, the greater your optimism to actualize your ideas or thoughts.

Our actions are the byproduct of our thoughts and our fate lies within our thoughts and actions.

You are the master builder of your fate, external forces play little to no role in your doing and undoing, because, to be what you desire to be lies within your thoughts and not without.
Our actions in life and towards others is a direct reflection of us and our thoughts.

Your thoughts are the foundation of your fate.

There’s is always a trigger to our actions and reaction, and that trigger can only be controlled by no one but you.

The universal principle of causation affects us all in profound ways.

Nothing happens in our lives by the collision of mere chance and the sooner you see life from the perspective of truth to your thoughts, the better your preparation tactics to your FATE will be.

You are the master of your fate, make it a good one.

Dr. Sansa Daly.

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