Akosua Kekeli Stuns In New Pictures For Her 36th Birthday Shoot

When celebrities celebrate birthdays these days, it is an occasion to release jaw-dropping, sexy photos for their fans to gloat over. In fact if you release no photos on your birthday, it simply means you are not in sync with the vogue.

In this exercise, we have seen the beautiful, the dramatic, the ridiculous and even the damn obscene. But when Ghanaian actress Akosua Kekeli released her’s on Wednesday to mark her birthday, it was simply creativity, enshrouded in mesmerizing sensuality. In the facebook post she shared on her page, the Afiewura actress who is also known as Atakora says “This is my body. I own it. After 3 children, it was easy to feel uncomfortable in my own body; I became paranoid and even worse my home became hell. But I’m a woman; I woke up, pushed through and now more than ever I’m in control of my body and who I am- only I make the rules for my body. I encourage every woman to comfortable in their own skin, because ONLY you should be responsible for your own happiness. 36 looks good, happy B-Day to me.”

The various shots were taken by Ansah Ken Photography and her makeup was handled by Aliginamakeover.

Check out Akosua’s super stunning glam looks…




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