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Bishop Sam Ben Owusu is the founder of one of the most visited churches in Accra Ghana, “The Champion Ways Ministries International“, also known as the Potters Ville church with over 30 branches and other affiliated churches which he oversees worldwide.

Bishop Sam Owusu, popularly known as Apostle of Grace is the founder of the Champion Prophetic Leadership College (CPLC)

Bishop Sam Owusu is a prophetic revival preacher, a teacher,motivational speaker, writer, insightful individual and an entrepreneur. He is skilled in engaging people with God’s word and “passing powerful truths.” He believes every individual placed on earth is not here to take sides but to “take over” and in successfully injecting that mindset into his church followers, he shows it in his lifestyle and messages. Messages that are centered on discipline, Holy ghost, prosperity and kingdom living. He is one of the most sought after preachers in the world today and has traveled to over 50 nations preaching the gospel and healing the sick, setting the captives free, helping the poor through Gods word prosperous ,restoration, salvation and unimaginable testimonies to thousands around the world.

Bishop Sam Owusu is a prophetic revival preacher, a teacher,motivational speaker, writer, insightful individual and an entrepreneur.

Bishop Sam Owusu, popularly known as Apostle of Grace is also the founder of the Champion Prophetic Leadership College (CPLC) which has and raised over seven thousand prophets, evangelists and apostles. A school which is known as one of the best ministerial schools in Ghana with Multiple international Awards.

Bishop Sam Ben Owusu is the founder of one of the most visited churches in Accra Ghana

Bishop Samuel Owusu is a man from a very humble background, who has been lifted from grass to grace in a tremendous manner beyond human understanding. The vision and calling of God is to raise people as a young man began after having an encounter with the Holy Ghost in a night vision which was the beginning of a great life journey with God.

Bishop Samuel Owusu, known for his undiluted power packed and uncontrollable preaching and impartation is a dynamic preacher, counsellor, visionary,revolutionary and a father to many. Bishop Samuel Owusu, a school drop out and a rejected stone is now an end time General whose heart is embedded with the gospel that brings the bible teachings into reality where men can experience the power of God as old. He ministers the word of God with passion and with personal life experience.

One of the world most sought after Preachers, Dr. Sam Owusu is on fire for God

He is a prolific Writer of numerous Christian, social and business, books which are meant to enlighten men access easy and simple but valuable and precious keys to the enjoyment of God’s kind of life for them. He is a man of all open gates preacher who preaches on radio and television just to make sure the word of God if cannot be access visually by others can through audio broadcasts. A man full of love, joy, passionate, simple, knowledgeable, peaceful, simple and descent. Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu is a leadership and business consultant, prosperity coach, A conference speaker and an international healing Evangelist, Anointed preacher who flows in the prophetic anointing of the holy spirit to bring healing, hope to this generation. He holds a doctorate in Ministry. A family Life Ambassador,
Bishop Samuel Owusu is Married for fifteen years to a beautiful and wonderful spiritually filled and great woman of God Rev Mrs. Joy Owusu with four beautiful children who are trained in the fear of the Lord.

Bishop Sam with his wife Rev Mrs. Joy Owusu


Pastor of Pastors and Prophets, Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu is president of Champion Prophetic Leadership College

Everyone called and destined by God has a vision of making life better for others either spiritually or physically which Some are embedded with both .. This can be done out of one’s will or desire while others are done by divine mandate which are always inevitable. No man sent on assignment by God can ever forsake it and not be hunted by that gift as such of Jonah’s story in the bible until the assignments are fulfilled.

This is exactly the story of Gods chosen servant Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu, president of Champion Prophetic Leadership College. God called him into ministry with one of the greatest assignments which is to raise men of unidentified talents and gifts and impart unto their spirit the grace of God to shoot out their divine purposes on earth. In the year 2003, the mission of raising men for God into ministry was commissioned by him through the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God upon his life as a man who is mandated for the raising of an army for God.

He is passionate about God

The vision being clear, He began the Prophetic Leadership Bible College where by divine instruction, he began teaching, training and raising men and woman of his generation into the kingdom work as ministers of the gospel. The school through its captivating and divine instructed teachings,began to grow from glory unto glory and kept spreading out in the number of graduates every three months from hundreds to thousands where courses were offered in Certificates, Diploma and Advance. Graduate’s who are well trained and equipped for full ministerial work are given licenses and mandate to establish their ministries.

The school which runs a very effective and one of the most purposed administrations in the world allows eventually everyone to register after which through series of teachings and practical training,every great ministerial gift is identified and separated out for greater exploits. There are three stages of the school’s Acts during graduations. After three months of intensive teachings, students are taken through gifts Branding where all students graduate, all students go through spiritual impartation and others through ordination by divine selection. The ordination which is one to none, is characterized by laying of hands and the and demonstration of the power of the holy ghost which is enforced into the working out the gifts of individuals.

Most of the students come from all parts of the country.Through its articles of teaching, discipline, reshaping of destinies, raising of giants in Christ and imparting Gods anointing upon men for the spreading of the gospel, Through its effective management and programs, many come from countries like, U.k, America, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Tanzania, Mexico, south Africa, Botswana,Malawi, Sierra Leon, Italy, Japan etc. Where those who never knew were called Into ministry were through prophecy by Bishop are told their divine destines and some ends up joining the bible school and graduate to be whom Gods wants them to do.

As of March 2017, Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu has raised seven thousand and sixty five Prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers and Apostles who are today all over the world. Through the same bible school, many who were not specifically called into ministry were able to discover their businesses, careers, destinies and visions. Every year the school organizes two or three summits for all son’s and daughters who have through his ministry been raised as pastors.The speed in the bible school makes none of the sons who graduated be an empty barrel because before one graduates from the school, he is equipped with all spiritual and physical values of life and ministry which has made the Bible College one of the best bible schools in Ghana and Africa at large with multiples of Both local and international Awards.
The school has eight branches all over Ghana where ordinations and impartation services are held almost every two weeks for graduating students and has through its vision brought out the best and most valuable undiscovered gifts of men into reality.

A flamboyant minister of the Gospel

Some of the virtues which kept the school from 2003 till today is the unending love of Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu for men’s destinies to be reshaped in the light of Gods word and empowering them to storm the world with the gospel. He kept his focus on God, his love for men, his determination to accomplish the best, his sacrifice, his submissiveness, his loyalty to God and men. Bishop Sam Owusu’s Bible school is one of the most sought after Bible school’s in Africa where men of God from all over the world come and are trained, fathered and ordained by Bishop Sam Owusu.

Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu has through his Bible school imparted lives and still transforming the world with the mandate of God by raising men/women to storm the world with the word of God.There is no doubt that as one gets into this school, one is imparted with great grace for life and ministry fulfillment.

The school is being co-run with his wife Rev Joy Owusu as the Dean.

You can listen to Bishop Samuel Owusu on sunny 88.7 , every Saturday at 9pm
Watch Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu live on
Agoo TV every Friday, at 10pm

Cine Plus TV every Saturday 7pm and Monday 10pm

Worship with Bishop on this days
Sunday: 10am-12pm ( Transformation service )
Tuesday:  6pm-ppm (Prophetic Destiny service )
Friday: 9pm-4am ( Jabez all night)

Potters Ville church is located at East Legon Hills Santor Road, Accra, Ghana.
Contacts us on +233244709155, +233241340731.


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