CqAXhcPUMAAff-x-900x515Starr 103.5FM’s drive time co-host, Anita Erskine, has been appointed as the face of Ghana’s Vlisco on its 170th anniversary.

“I believe in the brand Vlisco; it is not just the beautiful pattern or the beautiful fabric. I believe that there is a story behind the brand; a story of legacy, a story of originality,” Mrs. Erskine told a gathering at the unveiling ceremony.

The 170th celebration is hinged on the theme: ‘Empowering Women’. As part of the celebration, Vlisco has appointed seven women from six countries in Central and West Africa to be the faces of the 170 years campaign. World’s famous and Grammy-winning African singer Angelique Kidjo is among the list. Vlisco is celebrating the pride, perseverance and strength of African women who share their passion for Vlisco and their commitment to society.1.9719596

According to Erskine, the theme of the campaign connects with her life aspiration and her new role will propel her to achieve greater heights.

“The campaign theme is empowering women, tonight as you saw I launched my education fund for Najaat Hussain and many more girls who will be coming through. Najaat is from Tamale, always dreamt of becoming a broadcaster, never knew she will ever bump into someone or have a relationship with someone who will help her through school; she is going to Webster University this September; I mean it is such a big deal.

“Tonight starts my quest to educate more girls. Ten years from now; 15 years from now I want a lot of women; an army of women to say we thank Anita Erskine for giving us the opportunity because now we are leaders. This is an opportunity for me to start really living my legacy and living that life that allows other people to be greater than probably I will ever be.”

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